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What to avoid by educating your child


avoid giving your child everything he asks. He’ll grow up thinking he has the right to get everything he wants.

avoid laughing when your child pronounces insulting words. He’ll grow up thinking that disrespect is entertainment.

avoid being insensitive to bad behavior that he can display without scolding him for his bad behavior. He will grow up thinking that there are no rules in society.

avoid picking up everything your child messes with. He will grow up believing that others must take responsibility for his responsibilities.
avoid letting him follow any program on TV. He’ll grow up thinking there’s no difference between being a child and being an adult.

avoid giving your child all the money he asks for. He’ll grow up thinking that getting money is easy and won’t hesitate to fly to get it.

avoid always getting on his side when he’s wrong against neighbors, his teachers, the police. He’ll grow up thinking that everything he does is correct, the others are wrong.

avoid leaving him alone at home when you go to the place of worship, otherwise he will grow up thinking that God does not exist.

Following these tips, we hope your child will be a model for society and will make your pride as parents!


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