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Today marks an historical day in turkana county whereby,it was the day whereby members of national Parliament attended the swearing in of CHIEF OFFICER – DR ROBERT ABOK in Ministry of Health and Sanitation and ATTORNEY GENERAL – LAWYER ERASTUS ESEKON in County Assembly of Turkana.

Members of Parliament present were;Hon John Lodepe Nakara ( Mp Turkana Central), Hon Jeremiah Lomorkai (Mp loima),Hon James Lomenen (Mp Turkana South),Hon Ali Lokiru ( Mp Turkana East), Hon Joyce Emanikor (Turkana Woman Rep) and Hon. Malick Ekal ( Turkana Senator). It was influence of Handshake that makes MPs to attend the event apart from Hon Lodepe Nakara -Mp Turkana Central, is always present in Turkana county events since is always ready to serve the community.

Hon Lodepe urged the members of Parliament to unite and work together with county officials to ensure service delivery to the community. He also condemned the previous killings in Kanakuto in between Kapedo and Napeitom road.

H.E Governor Josephat Kooli Nanok appreciates the members of Parliament for their presence for today’s events. The governor urged them to be always closely to county events. He also state that, You should not starts campaigning early for Gubernatorial seat for 2022 yet you have not done any development to your constituency. Let’s work for our people first, so that they are the ones who elects us.

The governor also urged the members of Parliament that, let’s come up with one solution pertaining rapid killings in kapedo,whereby we lose two businessmen and the other two with injuries are now in Medhill hospital Nakuru for medication. We should pray for them so that they can recover quickly.

Finally, let’s Unite and give respect to our county officials,so that they can have time to serve the community.

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