Turkana: Kapedo ongoing Killing Meeting in Lodwar

Today there was a successful meeting today at Lodwar Club where myriads of ideas were shared in regards with Kapedo ongoing killings.
It was agreed that all youths will avail themselves at Lodwar Police Station to collect Permit for Peaceful demo. The entire leadership of Youths drawn from Turkana Youths, Youth Bunge, Church Youths, Drivers Association, Boda Boda Association and Turkana County University Students Association (TYBDBBCS) are involved in planning mega demos which will be witnessed in entire County.
Demos will be done at Kakuma Town, Lodwar Town, Lokichar Town, Kainuk Town and Kapedo Town. Youths will be peaceful and harmless.
Lodwar Demo will be the Mother of all Demos. Churches will be joining us at Midday as we make procession to Moi Gardens Ground for final declarations. Turkana University Students will be holding demo at Nairobi streets.
Please spread the word. Tell all Ngiturkana who feel for their fellow Turkanas who have been butchered innocently at Kapedo. Come in numbers. Tell a friend to tell a friend.


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