Turkana: Another Killing in Kapedo

My fellow Turkana and Kenyans at large,am very sad since the starting of the day……….Tensions remains high,Rendering a prominent area volatile following the hacking to death of two NPR at Kapedo.

Kapedo area,at the border of Turkana county under Turkana East ,remain a volatile area following the killing of two National Police Reserve { NPR} today morning:

In a retaliatory attack *yesterday morning* at around 7.00 am there was an incidents a student by named Cephas Ekimomor was injured at his hand after fired by the pokot at the River when was he bathing.

*Today morning* there was another attacked whereby they killed two people and one Injured after armed pokot bandits attacked Kapedo today by the following names:
1.Smwuel Epuu Apron – Died
2.Namaire Koit -Died
3.Elamach Kapitan-Injured.
Shops at Kapedo marked remained closed as locals stayed indoors for fear of more attack by suspected bandits.
Fresh animosity has been sparked between the warning pokot and Turkana communities ,with some residents fleeing the area.

2 people buried today , who were at the bank of river died on the spot and one young boy called Cephas Ekimomor sustained serious injured during the attack.
The tension on the ground is hampering movement of humanitarian agencies and reporters.
Tension is high ,forcing people to closed their businesses and run for their lives.
My brother from another mother and father Dr Fred Matiangi,I personally, I know you as no skill of insecurity of this country.
Hear our cry and am begging you to visit the scene and witness yourself the terrible scene in Kapedo.

Dr.Fred Matiangi if you visit the whole village is littered with gravels of Kenyans lost their life daily due to our neighbours pokot.
Put in your mind that ,our discipline forces have lost lives on equal measures n this hotspot corridor of our country.

Surely, my constitutes ,where will get the right president who is ready to protect us from losing life,the Turkana have lost their children for so many years sincerely speaking do we really have president to save our life for the remaining ones.
We are waiting eagerly to the Government to beef ,there is consequence to this Government.
Thank all.
*The Turkana county 023 Eyesight.*

Rest in peace our heroes, we really Love you so much.

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