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Cholera outbreak in Turkana

Cholera outbreak in Turkana South Constituency has shocked many people in Turkana County prompting Rapid Response Team to be constituted which led to establishment of Cholera Rescue Centre at Angarabat Dispensary in Katilu Ward.
Following a report by Save The Children on Water Quality Analysis of Nine (9) case studies, in my opinion I will conclude that the following water sources / points should be declared unsafe for drinking water for human beings in Turkana South :
1. Kalemungorok IDP
2. Kaekunyuk
3. Kalemungorok Shallow Well 2
4. Kalemungorok Water Point
5. Kalemungorok Hand Dug Well
6. Katilu Boys
7. Kalemungorok Kenya Power Water Point.
WHO Water Quality Standards require that microbes such as Bacterial coliform should not be detectable in water for it to be safe for human consumption among other parameters.
Presence of any amount of coliform bacteria is a clear indication of pollution presence in that particular water. Coliform is found in warm blooded animals like human beings.
According to Save the Children Report (2nd Round of Test), it has clearly indicated that seven out of Nine case studies have shown positive results of bacteria coliform.
The following is the result from Save The Children on Bacteria coliform for the sources with positive results:
1. Kalemungorok IDP : >200 CFU /100ml.
2. Kaekunyuk: 100 CFU /100ml
3. Kalemungorok Shallow Well 2: >100 CFU /100ml.
4. Kalemungorok Water Point :>200 CFU /100ml.
5. Kalemungorok Hand Dug Well: >200 CFU / 100ml.
6. Katilu Boys: >100 CFU / 100ml.
7. Kalemungorok Kenya Power Water Point: 78 CFU / 100 ml.
1. I call upon Turkana County Government to declare the water points or sources unsafe for human consumption and also call upon Nongovernmental Organizations such as UNICEF, IRC, Save the Children etc to intervene where necessary in order to curb the spread of Cholera.
2. I call upon NGOs like Save the Children to extend similar services to all other Water sources in Turkana County in order to provide accurate and real time data regarding our water sources in terms of Water Quality Analysis.
3. I call upon Ministry of Health and Sanitation to device a mechanism to discourage open defecations which have contributed to pollution of our water sources leading to Cholera outbreak.
Best Regards,
Mr. Ekeno Ekiru Charles,
Water, Irrigation and Environmental Engineering -Graduate.

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