In 2013 campaign period, the opposition is replicating the strategy that made them lose to President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto.

The Oginga-led opposition is grasping at a political straw; the Moi patriarch in the Kalenjin nation is still alive and kicking, Ruto of Mashinani party has already Make Money at Home annexed part of the Kalenjin votes from the government. To them all these have waned and clipped William Ruto’s political might hence an early ascend to the house at the top of the hill, how authentic is this?

The Moi influence in the Rift valley remains to be history in the books, no matter how much people will accentuate Moi’s influence in the 2017 general election to conform with the fallacious narrative that Moi Jnr. will be the Kingmaker in the forth-coming general election, to my opinion this remains a wishful thinking, and it’s an early lead for Kenyatta Jr. and his deputy.


The governor of Bomet attempt to de-horn William Ruto has undoubtedly backfired against him. His chances of re-claiming the lucrative governor position have been blurred ,he is now cornered, and assuming that he will have an influence in determining who becomes the next nation’s CEO is a pitiable fallacy.

As things stand now,  Deputy President William Ruto will again play his role of being a kingmaker in the next polls, no matter ‘how many midnight oils’ are burned to deflate Ruto’s influence, I am certain that he remains firm in his position. The voices of dissident in his backyard are media created and doesn’t reflect the ground situation.

It won’t matter how many types the unwritten #Kenyatta-Moi agreement’ is hyped and amplified, Gideon Moi replacing DP  Ruto remains a tall order, assume for example Uhuru replaces Ruto with Gideon Moi and Ruto re-routes back to Odinga camp ,who will win, between Uhuru and Odinga? Your guess is as good as mine

If elections were held today according to my own opinion #UhuRuto will triumph unless…

The opposition first needs to accept the reality that they lost the 2013 elections, by so doing they come with a new formula.


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