Rehabilitation of Reformed Warriors in Turkana and West Pokot

wpid-wp-1456466772382Leaders from West Pokot and Turkana counties have called on the government to support reformed warriors through alternative livelihood that will see them start a new life in the society.

West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin and Turkana Women Rep Joyce Emanikor said there is need for the government to set up an inclusive programme that will see reformed warriors empowered to get a source of income.

Speaking at Sarmach primary school in Turkwel during inter community sports day, the two leaders said peace has been realized in the past one year along Pokot-Turkana border.

The event brought together more than 120 reformed warriors from Pokot and Turkana communities who came together to celebrate peace in the region.

Governor Kachapin said the two county governments are working on a programme that will see reformed warriors from both communities empowered to become peace ambassadors.

He added that the reformed warriors have played a critical role in the peace process in past one year.

“We also want the national government to recognize the reformed warriors and give them a role in the management of peace at the grassroots level since they have shown a great role in the  past one year,”he said.

He said the two communities are now integrating after peace returned along the once volatile border and called on leaders to support the peace process.

He observed that in the past 9 months there has been no sound of a gun at the border terming it a great achievement for the two communities.

“We are now living in peace with our neighbours, the only thing remaining is for the government to start development projects that will empower our communities,” he said.

Turkana County Women Rep Joyce Emanikor called on political leaders to show political goodwill towards the peace process.

Ms Emanikor said the reformed warriors need to be support to continue with the peace campaigns between the two communities.

“Leaders must discourage the young generation shun this outdated practices. As leaders and with support from the Government and NGOs we will continue with peace rallies along the border,” said Emanikor.

She said leaders from both communities are using reformed warriors to spread anti-rustling messages to the young generation.

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner Wanyama Musiambo said the two communities have made great strides towards the peace process.

He said the national government is working on modalities to recognize and empower reformed warriors in pastoral communities.

“Today the government appreciates the two communities for keeping peace more so the reformed warriors who have been critical in the peace campaigns,” he said.

Musiambo called on the two communities to register illegal firearms n a move to improve security along the border.

He pointed out that the government will set up committee to ensure easy registration exercise up to the grassroots level.

However the Regional Commissioner said there are more than 80,000 uncollected identity cards in the Rift Valley region.

He said the situation has adversely affected government planning and execution of services and called on residents to collect their Ids in their respectively collection centres.

“We are calling on Chiefs and their assistants to facilitate distribution of Identity cards to ensure all uncollected Ids are sorted out,” he said.

Mr Julius Ng’aile, a former commander of warriors, gave a moving testimony on how he survived a deadly cattle raid that led to killing of many innocent lives.

“I saw innocent people die and that is when I took the challenge to say enough is enough,” said Ng’aile.

He urged warriors in the bush to surrender and follow his ways.


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