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Testimony from a Friend

Brothers and sisters a friend of mine needs your prayer and love this times because he has been disturbed by demons. please read the Testimony

Unto anyone you may know who for wealth or love magic comes at the price of one’s soul, Christ is the only magic you need. I am glad that you have endured hardship yet accepted no deals with the Devil or simple abandoned God for worldly success. For I assure you worldly success would mean nothing if granted by the wrong agent. I too wish for things in this world that seem just yet beyond my reach and cause me to question God and why I must remain without. For years I wished for only a small house and to get out of this horrible apartment building, but I must accept it is God’s will for me to do his work that I must live this way. That I have not worldly success but love for him and be need others afflicted by poverty, for in this ghetto I can do many good works (This is not like a too bad place, just gangs and drugs and crime). It is God’s will I not only break these ties of her family once an for all, he wishes for me to know the Devils true face that I know truly the work it is I must do and why. Satan may present a way out of poverty for a spoken price, grant fame give you a woman or many……but more insideously people simply gain worldly success and simply forget about the love of God. This is the more insideously and in America, more common face of evil. Yet I was only familiar with the abandonment evil, It is only now I have seen the truth of he who grants you your wants and wishes at a spoken price. Although different words Buddhism is about unveiling deception, the Devils ways are of nothing but that. My father had the engineers career you would have wanted very much…….but he did not have God. That was the deception, there was no need for a Satan. Yet it was of his ways. Now he must pay. But fortunately, my father’s price prices will be a temporary term for he has done the good deed of supporting my religious career and in so doing, established terms for his deliverance. After he died Katie called upon him (Katie can speak to the dead) and he has repented and accepted the truth and converted to Buddhism. In this way he can love and understand God for Buddhism is a special way to understand God for men such as him. God loves us so greatly, he has given us not only his only son, he has given us different ways to learn to love his ways and works, Buddhism is one such other way, to way to love God without ever knowing Gods name. For God himself needs not our praise. It is for US THAT WE NEED TO PRAISE HIM…..not God that need our praise. All true clergy will face the Devil one way or another for as we strive forcefully to fight the forces of darkness. Either the Devil that comes to us, or the deceptions of this world as we accept worldly gain at the expense of God. The Devil does not waste his time with clergy who fail to do their work of deliverance. Such worthless folk give him free reign. I have a dear Catholic friend who committed suicide, a father who hated God, both died and needed my help. I did practices to help them purify their sins and receive the Glory of God’s kingdom. The forces of darkness did prevail upon me, the deliverer himself in this work. Both the Devils works by default, and that by design. But truthfully, we have put him at bay and used love not hate. For even the Devil himself becomes wary of torment, I assure you, it is merely something that feeds his need for power. In this way let us pray for Satan, I assure you this is acceptable. For the brightest angel in God’s Heaven who rebeled against God may by that will turn toward God again. I promise, for as long as he is to receive the sinners and deliver punishment for violating the laws of God. He is in part doing God’s work, and we must undo the hate it’s self by undoing the source of hate. Pride The brightest angel, who just could not accept all the brightness. As being bright enough. SMEN Brother

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