The six meetings conducted along Kibish border engaging Nyangatom of Ethiopia and the Turkana of Kenya was a follow up of Moru Anayece peace commemoration at Letea in Turkana west Turkana County which was attended by both the Ethiopian and Kenya administration and the community elders. After escorting the Ethiopian delegates to Kangaten, they requested the peace building officer to help them disseminate the message of peace from Turkana county administration. Managed to visit four major Nyangatom kraals: Namely, Kakuta, Lokorilam, Lokwamunyen and Lebere.


  1. To break the two years silence between Nyangatom and Turkana to allow peace initiatives to enable the two communities interact and exchange their ideas.
  2. To encourage peaceful co-existence between the conflicting communities along the border.
  3. To promote sharing of information both the administration and the local communities to enhance tracking of spoilers with the spirit of recovery of any stolen property.


The Nyangatom woreda administration and the local Nyangatom community who have enjoyed the good relationship with The Turkana county government agreed to disseminate the peace message reached at Moru Anayece peace commemoration where 6 communities attended: Karamojong, Teso, Toposa, Nyangatom and Dasanach of Ethiopia and Turkana of Kenya (The host). Moru Anayece event has been considered as one which is unifying the Ateker community members.

The Nyangatom administration requested turkana ccounty administration to conduct joint activities at Kibish border to end the violent conflict at Nakuwa area.

As a result six meetings were conducted two in kibish Kenya and 4 in Kibish Ethiopia engaging local communities and the local administration. Targeted areas were: Kenya- Kibish, Natodomeri, Lokamarinyang, Koyasa, Napak, Liwan and meyan. Ethiopia – Kakuta, lokorilam, Lokwamunyen, Lebere respectively.


Meetings reactions

The youth staged claims that elders are taking peace for granted without handling the critical issues that escalate violence.


  • The spoilers are with us and continue to violet within us
  • Peace process is no long with the local communities but it is in an isolation with elites
  • Insecurity limiting and denying nyangatom opportunity to do farming using rain water
  • Peace has been tried several times but there is no clear sustainability strategies
  • The kraals administration has been weaken by a few individual with their own corrupt interest
  • Leaders are inciting communities and fuel violence by giving bullets and guns with an intension to kill
  • There is enough fertile land that has not been utilized
  • Peace committees have become dormant, old and have become partisans
  • No attention given to peace agreements and resolutions made during the previous peace meetings
  • Bribery have silence even the security personnel
  • The Ngisiger and Kwatela rivalry has become a great barrier of peace process in the corridor
  • Youth are not featured anywhere in peace building efforts
  • There are no more social interactions: naming after children, marrying from the other community, traditional dances and may others
  • ‘Governor Nanok has initiated the process as our son, elders to respect and give guidance to the youth,’ Lopiding said.







  • Encourage frequent peace meetings and forums, mostly joint
  • Allow mutual sharing of information between the two administrations and the community
  • Initiate and promote cross-border market day
  • Ensure there is assurance of safety of persons involved in peace building process, businessmen and women and government officers
  • The spoilers to be punished seriously
  • Encourage recovery of stolen livestock and properties and allow law to take its cause upon the culprits
  • Formulate a cross-border natural resource committee to do consultation when it comes to sharing of resources
  • Youth to be given priority in mitigating peace
  • Flash out the old peace committees and bring inn new blood – change the trend from elders to youth

The following activities were proposed as immediate answers to the current situation

  1. Inter-community dialogue at Nawoapie – Ethiopia as from 6-10/01/2016 – 800 people
  2. Inter-youth peace meeting at Natodomeri – Kenya (only youth warriors and a few leaders) 12-14/01/2016 targets 700 youth
  3. Peace caravan bringing on board leaders and key stakeholders in peace building process as from 20th– 30th /01/2016 targets 600 persons


During the first two activities the following neighbouring communities shall be invited

  • Dassanach –           6
  • Kaaras –           6
  • Nkera –           6
  • Toposa –           10


The nyangatom administration agreed to do mobilization on their side and venue preparation.

Turkana county government shall take care of facilitation community meals and officers welfare.



The mobilization to commence on 6th January, 2016 and on 7th January,2016 will be the arrival of the invited communities and travelling of facilitators from Lodwar. On 8th January, 2016, will be the actual day for the meeting




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