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A needy Boy in Loyo Village

The name of the  boy to be discussed here is Kesse Itao. He was born Loyo Village,  Went to Lokitaung S.A Secondary where he managed to pass KCSE, he join a Technical school in Lodwar town. The  main problem is the financial assistance since his parent separated, he is depending on his mother who  is jobless and depend on what they get to eat that day.

He has a tried to apply assistance from CDF Turkana central, Lodwar Bursary  and County government several times know but all ends nowhere.  As per the confession from Technical  school lecturers they praise the boy  being  respective, humble and hardworking in class. It is for this reason that he is calling for any well-wisher who can support  him financially  to enable him finish the education and support his family members. You can contact the website Admin and will arrange  all meetings.

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