Turkana: 7 killed and other injured

According to Turkana South Sub County administrator, John Lokoli the bandits believed to be from the neighbouring area attacked the village at 2am. “The village was attacked at the wee hours of the morning when the villagers were asleep. They killed two people and injured two before they started driving off the livestock. More others were killed as they tried to protect their animals from being driven away,” said Mr Lokoli. He added that the armed raiders stole camels and goats but the goats managed to find their way back home.

“The armed raiders then drove away the animals but as we speak, I am told the goats are slowly coming back home,” added the Sub County Administrator. Lokoli noted that more people are feared dead. According to a local, James Kisike, the armed raiders arrived in large numbers and surrounded the village.


He adds that the national police reservists in the area tried to repulse them but were overpowered because they were few in number. “The raiders who were well armed came in huge numbers last night. They engaged the few reservists that we have but were overpowered and they managed to take the animals away,” said Mr Kisike. Deputy County Commissioner, Elijah Kodoh said that they have dispatched a team of security from the Anti-stock Theft Unit and regular police to help curb the situation. “We have sent the police and the ASTU team from Lokichar to track the armed raiders. We have also intensified the security in that area to calm the situation,” said Mr Kodoh.

The passengers were then robbed of all their belongings by the bandits.

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