From Lodwar to Nakwee Pentecostal church is 30km away along Lodwar to Kakuma highway. The population is scattered in the four areas i.e. Nakwee (kalonglemoe which means the sign of a metal as and nakweei means may fox which use to eat animals).
The church is located on the East side of the road no structure mainly Christians pray under the trees devotes financial constraints. Population consist of the following
– Adult –men 20
Women 40
– Youth 16
– Children 25
During windy day no service held and rainy day the same applies
Naipeidukan(one shop)
Kawalase West                           East      The church is located on
the eastern direction along
Lodwar to Kakuma
Nakwamunyen,loyo etc
The total number of people living in the village are eight hundred people(800)
– Most of the people in Nakweei are Christians
– There are four churches in Nakweei namely:-
o Friends church
o Cornerstone church
o Shrine traditional
o Nakweei Pentecostal church
– Most people living in Nakweei are illiterate.
– There is no learning facilities
– The children are loitering in the village
– Nakweei village remains dark due to lack of schools
– Nakweei village has no single health facility people normally travel from Nakweei to Nasiger which is tedious to the people of Nakweei.
– Most vulnerable people are pregnant women, old age and people living with HIV/AIDs.
– People of Nakweei live under mercies of God due to no single water source.
– Well wishers normally hire vehicles for carrying water from Lodwar to Nakweei which is costy i.e. hiring one lorry cost kshs 15,000 which is not enough to sustain the all villages.
– People walk long distance from Nakweei drinking and for animals.
They don’t have any humanitarian but recently share international distributed water and food to the people who attended the service.

Nakweei is under Nasiger sub-location which is administered by chief who stays at Napeililim location. From Nakwee to Napeililim is more than 42km.
– County government under member of county assembly at Loima sub-county under Turkwel Ward.
– The county government and national government are neglecting people of Nakweei.
– Both government don’t offer quality services which is quarantined by the constitution.
– Most people in Nakweei are pastoralist and charcoal burners.
No single person from Nakweei has been employed either by County Government or non-governmental organization.
No any business that people operates at Nakweei due to illiteracy level.
– Water problems
– Schools- no single school around nakweei
– Transport accessibility to Nakweei
– Health facilities not available
– No permanent shelter for prayers
Our prayers as people of Nakweei by god grace that God intervenes so that any donor/good Samaritan/well-wishers to help us to solve the above problems mentioned. We kindly thank share international for the support offered to us on 24/5/2015 by providing us with water and food.

This people of Nakweei call for hand of help from all over the christians in the entire world to support them in establishment of :-

– Borehole Drilling

– Schools

– Medical facilities

The question that remain in my heart and mind what is what they asked  that ” Today you bring water what about tomorrow?” This made my tears came out non stop the way i was seeing them(Two old men went lost looking for water and other two old aged women went lost looking for water for 42kms distance) What do you think can do to help this people? IF you are a Christian a true believer of christ, what can you do?

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