• Spiritual Growth

The church has a full spiritual growth testified with a hundred and above number of believers attending the worship at the church service

  • Financial Report

The church finance has been in a normal case. The treasury evidence is being show out in the monthly financial receipts received through the district head office of Lodwar.

  • The Church Plot

The church plot has already been surveyed and planned. We look forward to see if we can be helped by FGCK Mission because the church as a whole has been left payback to county council office a debt of kshs 20,000. Along with that the church on its outlook, needs to be fence the outer periphery of its compound to keep off the introducers, the passer-bys and animals. Note: the pastor also has an advantage to have his own house to stay “in”, within the church compound because it is a big challenge for such a person to go in looking for a place to spend “Nights” or “stay”

  • The church plot needs its own water supply

The church needs her own water supply either by drilling or by transporting through pipes in a nearby water station within Kibish ground. The church as a whole needs to practice agriculture in response to water availability.






  • The church pre-nursery schools

The FGCK church at Kibish also needs to put up a pre-nursery school within the church compound to curb the vulnerable children(orphanages) from the less fortunate families and pastoral communities for them to see light in Education as we believe that they have potential to know more about Education that is , “read and write”. Calling the mission to come in, we as the church, needs the mission to support in erecting structure as well as equipping learning materials initiating food feeding programmes and managing this schools for the life.

  • The challenges

The church in Kibish is now faced by direct disaster caused by draught and famine which can be surely witnessed by someone who needs to go and submit a true eye report. Previously Kibish as a whole village caught up a terrible catastrophe of fire outbreak which demolished almost four hundred (400) houses leaving a number of people homeless. as a result of this scenario a large number of people including the church members, have remained poor and others have scampered away from the area. Some of the believers have even admitted not to attend the church for what they hopped in life has been destroyed to ashes.

  • Insecurity Problem is one of the most epidemics facing the church as a whole as well as the entire community. The true fact is that, the evangelism rallies have never been to a normal run along Lokamarinyang and some parts of Ethiopia where we have been doing and carrying outreach missions. All this is caused by the hostile Dongiro community who normally attacks the community of Kibish in all corners in order to plunder livestock from the local pastoralists for   instance, like in the previous year, a woman who was a member from our church was unfortunately short dead while collecting her charcoals in a nearby distance. All these trails and drugs back the evangelism from going ahead.


  • Short Terms Objectives

As the church as a whole, we look forward to fulfill the promises of debt left standing by in the coruse of this year. We wish to finish the church windows by renovating and putting window panes. We also wish to put up latrines , bathrooms and the kitchen to be used by visitors “ins” the church.

  • Long Term Objectives

As it is meant not to happen very soon, we propose as the church that, we wish the guesthouse and pastor’s house to be considered in other budgets planned in FGCK district mission and national offices.


  1. Spiritual Growth

The church has a number of believers who are still young in faith. The church also misses a helper who can manage and rise the new converts to be strong in faith. A group of young youth who are schooling a school within the village are the mobilizers of the church for a while and when they feel like


The believers here worship on a pen group but sometimes borrow a room from the classrooms from the school for worship. We earnestly voice this to FGCK mission to take this into consideration.

  1. Financial Report

Since the church doesn’t have a person in-charge, the church can’t raise anything to support monthly reports. In addition to that the believers here most of them are pastoralists who came to camp as a result of drought and famine.


  1. Spiritual Growth

This teach here suffers a lot from the same problem facing Lokamarinyang. There is a great number of believers who are committed and eager to win Christ in their soils but to luck of committed helper, this church has been left to perish.


  1. Financial Report

Likewise to Lokamarinyang, this church cannot raise anything to support monthly reports similarly to the same comparisons mentioned.

  1. The Church Structures

The whole of this church structures are dilapidating and needs full renovation for its future use. We also voice this to the mission to have this into consideration.


  1. Spiritual Growth

This church run sommothly with a maximum of 65 beleivers who can give challenging testimonies for they believe that what matters mostly, is God with persons and person with God.


This church also runs family with a number of believers which varies from 20 head to 30 heads. The church is heavily challenged with full evidence all about hunger and starvation which makes even the mentioned heads either admit to come or not tome for the worship.


This church has committed believers who are earnestly eager to a climate in salvation. But due to lack of a committed helper who can manage the church, the believers have blacklisted and borrowed in the village. Truly these believers look forward for the word that gives life.


The Kaikor Mother Church report has been in a normal case but depending to the situation they face. The evidence is being shown up in the monthly financial report received by the FGCK mission, the district head office of Lodwar.

Two church branches mentioned cannot raise any finance to support monthly reports due to challenging situation of the area.


The church plot for Kaikor mother church (LCA) is yet to be planned and surveyed. Fencing also is yet to be bounded the outside periphery of the compound . we need the mission to confirm this with consideration. The same issue applies to the other two church branches. All the plots are needed to be issued with licenses for security purposes.


The building of churches on their own plans of action had been discussed in most cases and even in several annual reports proposed. It seems like God has a positive answer for what we have been hopping to happen is becoming true. We the church as a whole, believe that, the dreams of finishing the gapping walls of this church would be fulfilled in the course of this year. We have nothing to generalize because very need has been documented in the previous annual reports. All that is in a valid notice.

The Kaikor FGCK church committee has been sensitized to admit their commitment solely to solemn contributions from both fields through friends generous contributions to back up and easien the building of the church that is to take place between the month of April and May this year 2015.

Nakinomet Church Branch-has been built but with no plaster on the ground.

Karubangorok Church Branch has nothing to be mentioned about as an example on the ground . the believers have been worshipping on a pen ground and under trees. It is very dangerous indeed at some levels to shelter under trees at windy seasons.







The challenges are many but the most notorious one is that one of hunger, starvation and even death which have made a number of people in the entire community with whom some of them might be the members of the church to die. On the side of evangelism, the other branches mentioned, especially the Karubangorok church branch is almost closed. It has not been performing for the last two years due to this reason. The believers although are still young in faith and no committed helper that can manage to raise them stand still but instead , they have borrowed in the village leaving the worship behind.


Along with the building of the church, we hope to have the main three church structures on the church compound. These are, the latrine, kitchen and the church store to be used for various emergencies. All these issues points directly the FGCK mission.


As it is not so much important to discuss, these subjects are also very important too. We propose as the whole church that we should have a guest house to avoid our visitors spending night in the neighbouring houses. We also propose that he pastor should have high own house instead of living in unsuitable shelters made from local materials. All these pin-point the FCGK mission as a whole.


We have nothing to mentioned on this subject because we believe the mission of FGCK knows about the suffering that these people undergo. The by-gone annual reports are already the full witness to the corresponding challenges facing these people at the fields of evangelism.




Ethiopia on the other hand areas especially Akowa, Kopria, Kangaten and Chaldate where the FGCK evangelical missions are taking roots at the moment needs our meaning a lot. But we feel sorry and we are afraid for showing no action of faith. We need and likes to highlight that, “faith without action is dead”. It is a true fact that we are needed by them and we need them too. Let’s show them the real savior with our own faith and action. They will see a change in us as we expect to see a radiant change in them too. It is a challenge to the FGCK mission to respond and build a church for them.


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