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Let us think for a moment, of the really important things in life

Let us think for a moment, of the really important things in life. How many of them are accomplished without hardship? Birth of a baby?
Working to care for our families? Our eternal salvation? Suffering is an inherent part of everything good. Broadly speaking in this life, you
and i, will choose whether to operate under self confidence or others-confidence or God-confidence. Some people love to handle their
issues without advertising it. But others love to carry it around the whole world by shouting at the same time as if they were the only one
that’s involved in it. Though the say a problem discus is a half solved. Even when you are deep down in it, they are those whose gonna
step out from your life hoping that, when they attached to you, they may be contaminated by it. It’s true that at any given time many will
be confronted by difficult moral choices and they will choose to do what is right instead of what is beneficial. why not you? Trials defeat
some people but strengthen others. It depends on how we deal with them.
No matter the dimension your problems push you into, don’t seat down and wait for the end to come, like a river that has nowhere to flow.
Stand up and do something cause nothing last forever not even perfect situation itself. I can be changed by what happen to me but i
refused to reduced by it. And i refused to struggle for nothing in my life. With faith of God you can get something out of nothing. Certainly
We’re not at war but what happens in our daily lives is more than war. Good and bald, they both serve a purpose in our life. One can not
work without other’s. Without rough road, they won’t be a tile road.~C

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