Turkana on Facebook: Comments on Killing of Boda boda


  • Suzzy NjorogeWhat about other people’s property that got stolen and destroyed? What did those business men and women do to deserve this.???
  • Andrew LotokosThax 2 our leaders but its painful too for business pple for loosing their property yet they committed no sin. Something has to be done to help them.
  • Bravo Lima EchoIts a crime of the highest order 4 pple 2 loot frm hard working business community.Looters b brought 2 book 2 avoid repeat in the near future .
  • Andrew LotokosKweli Bravo Lima, It’s a criminal offense which our pple should avoid and learn to protect and respect others property.
  • Alaska Epas EmanmanLoosing a business is worthless to us than lose of human life. So,if you feel like you are broke enough,work extra harder to refund your lost property. You pple you have 4gotten what hppen 2007-2008 where sum of our pple are nw being called IDPs jst because of wht u pple did to them by grabbing their property and land they struggle to get. Earth is circle, u’ve lost nthing.
  • Maich Jamjay@Alaska Epas be civileced
  • Maich Jamjay@Alaska Epas be civiliced
  • Alaska Epas Emanman#maich,imagne our voice is not regarded in this Kenya of yours. We can say anything and being heard. Are we really Kenyan if that’s the way we be handle.
  • Daniel NgitomeBravo! Time tostand as a Family “Ngiturkana” Thanks all our Leaders for being on alert.
  • Bunduki Kåburu KompåssAlaska no words for you… An eye for an eye leads the whole world to blind. God sees our hearts n knows us all frm inside, so dnt take thing as u said,,,
  • Loakeje Kevothat makes us feel that we hv the right leaders in our county
  • Natapar ApalosilNot mentioned our MCA atucheki na watu. Reason?
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  • Simon EpetetSi lazima kila m2 atajwe ata ik alikuwa na cici wa kanam atulalamiki coz alikuwa hapo.
  • Richard KalobongThanks guys for all your opinions, we are all sorry for the loss of live from our beloved brothers,lets embrace the virtue of humility as a democratic eturkanait, even an emase,has a right to live, business pple also have over their property in future lets have a peaceful demonstrations but not a riot, lets allow the law take its course, our leaders play their part, you play your part as a democratic Kenya.
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  • Moses NarowYou cant compare property loss to human live lost. If that impunity was not made against the harmless boy you could be now enjoying your wealth.
  • Kennedy EkuwomAlaska b humane bro, coz those business pple didn’t contribute 2 the killing of the deceased.y direct ur anger 2 an innocent person?
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  • Alice Long’orEpas alaska wewe ni primitive dont b happy of wat took place its bcause ur a victim
  • Alice Long’orMoses Naro u can never make a mediator ur nt neutral wewe unaweza kuaribu na we ni mtu wa serikali oitiakoi mali inatafutwa kwa jasho na wenye duka awakuua unasikia dont support foolishnes n idiotism of wezi wa ldw
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  • Lokaale SamI sincerely pass ma condolences to the family n the bodaboda association for the loss of life in lodwar in regard to the incident that took place yesterday.since I don’t hv facts on what really transpired ma comment is any citenzen/person who contravened b brought into books.thanks n God bless all who participated in restoring peace in lodwar town.
  • Ekal Cha@Eru, That is their constitutional responsibility and they ought to have consulted and negotiated earlier before that death occurred, iam told there was a 21 days notice for the boys to place their request. My Turkana youth and especially living and working in towns please embrace the rule of law.
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  • Alice Long’orThose who looted also 2 face da law
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  • Bula Tituskeep up that spirit Eru mbad
  • Junior Immah Napaskwani wamevuvua nani ….wote nibure….they r nothng …they r nt helpng….
  • Sylvesters Ebeiit’s Kenyans to express your disgust to destroy some properties most of you have done this in your institutions of higher learning but we do not want to preach this . let’s not follow those who looted lets always prevent what triggered the event thats natural justice and by the way are we double sure the OCS will be prosecuted or we want justice to start with the vulnerables??

  • Mike EkutanPeople looted and demolished properties of unknown valuable in town were the properties of traders involved in the killing of the youth?
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  • Ekal Cha@Mike, its true but anger has no grounds and u cannot prosecute a mob, they were not for it and the killing triggered it, the ocs is a member for community policing he ought to have done that, he acted unprofessionally there4 causing the looting, he should be cleared by his ocpd and prosecutiön thn begin. Lodwar law court should be smart here
  • Mike EkutanThnkx Mr Ekal Cha bt surprisingly is tht i witnessed them eating and drinking what they looted is that hunger or anger.



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