Kenyans: Letter to Prophet Oduor

This is a letter to YOU Prophet Owuor and all of your fans/ followers/ Worshipers/

Residents of Eldoret town wash roads in readiness of Owuor's arrival

All the prophets i know in the Bible never proclaimed themselves as the mighty or mightiest prophet of the Lord..
They were very humble men of God.. they never sought for attention nevertheless I have never heard roads being washed for prophet to pass.. he dressed down Bishop Margaret how she cant perform miracles. I thought ministering is someones calling & not competition about miracles..

Wonders will never cease. People are brainwashed worshiping prophets instead of true God. Am not judging him but sorry to those who wasted their time cleaning roads instead of cleaning their souls. Behold we are in eschatology
where there will come many prophets in the name of Messiah. Powers either come from God or Satan..period!!!

yours faithfully,
one of your fans


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  1. Kenneth Mugambi

    Thanks for letting me know.

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