– The above vent took place on the above mentioned at 3:30 at a length of hrs
– More than 200 attackers were confirmed to have come from Pokot North.
– This raid has lead to the death of the following of Kaputir two of them being Police Reservists.
o Samwel Lotibok Longori Kpr
o Daman Kalemunyang KPR
o Akoel Edung
o Paulo Edung
o Lonyuduk Erionga
The following 4 people seriously injured
– Ekai Namda
– Echuman Kamarinyang
– Eregae Ngikalei
– Lomaluk Naperet
– The residents of the affected villages have lost a good number of livestock which include
o cattle 612
o shoals 486
This totaling to 1098 livestock
– the most affected areas in the ward were
o Kapelbok 300HH
o Loamerimudang 80
o Kaputir 350
o Nakwamoru 470
o Arumrum 150
o Juluk 450

– the raid has left 1800HH vulnerable, those depends on livestock as their livelihood alleviative have nothing to depend on because the animals have taken away by the bandas and those practice agriculture are insecure to reach their shambas.
– I therefore request the county government emergency relief food to support the affected families during this needy moment.
– the families requesting about
– 260 bags of maize
– 60 bags of beans
– 40 jerecans of oil.
The residents of the affected areas have threatened to evacuate their place due to intense insecurity around this region.
We are calling for intervention from the County Government to enhance the security of the people in the county.


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