Turkana: Elders of turkana and Pokot Signed an Agreement for peace

Pokot and Turkana elders have signed a fresh peace deal to end the frequent conflicts between their communities. Thirty elders endorsed the peace declaration at Race Course Inn in Eldoret town yesterday.

The event was witnessed by government and Kenya Red Cross Society officials. The elders set new rules and practices, during two days of deliberations, aimed at ending the skirmishes.

They agreed to disarmament, which might see the surrender of more than 50,000 illegal firearms.

The elders said they will mobilise warriors who participate in cattle rustling raids to give up their arms and engage in development activities.

The elders also agreed that women should be involved in decision making “because they play a key role in peace building”.

“We will now look into ways of engaging all communities, chiefs and other leaders in the peace building process,” Pokot paramount chief John Muok said.

He said the peace declaration encourages intermarriage between the Pokot and Turkana as a way to cement relations.

West Pokot county commissioner Peter Okwanyo said the government will support the elders as they traverse the two counties preaching peace and reconciliation.

“As government we are ready to work with the elders so that they can help us to mobilise the communities to participate in peace building and other development programmes,” Okwanyo said.

Turkana elder Benjamin Ebenyo said are committed to the peace initiatives. Okwayo said the government, working with the county administration, will implement key development projects in the two regions.

“We will formulate legislation that will boost trade and open new markets in several areas,” said Ebenyo. The markets will be opened at Orwa, Kainuk, Turkwel, Lokichar and Kapedo and elsewhere.

KRCS regional officer John Lokala said there is hope for peace in the region.

“It’s important to have such a deal signed between elders because it will greatly boost plans for achieving long lasting peace in the two counties,” said Lokala.


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