URP press statement on ODM Meeting in Eldoret

It is unfortunate that the URP leadership has denounced the Kalenjin leaders we met in Eldoret on Monday as crooks, conmen and worthless. We met professionals, elders, youth leaders, women leaders and businessmen who are highly respected in the North Rift. I do not understand how Ambassador Tabitha Seii, Musa Ewoii, Kipkorir Arap Menjo, Kipkorir Kipchumba, Mzee Kibor, Said Kaitany, Hon. John Sambu, the Laibons and many others can be dismissed as conmen and crooks. But maybe the URP mandarins have exemplary standards by which they judge community leaders.
Regarding the ICC, the ODM has always called for the referral of the cases to credible courts in Kenya. We opposed the deferral of these cases since this would have amounted to a simple postponement of the cases and not dealing with them. Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta is therefore misleading Kenyans. My letter to the UN stated quite clearly that any presentation of the Kenyan case to the UN had to get the input of the whole coalition government, and not a faction of it. The PNU wing of government did not consult us when it engaged in the so-called shuttle diplomacy for deferral when they initiated it. It is wrong, therefore, to misrepresent our position for purposes of propaganda by the URP/TNA brigade.
Hon. Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o
Secretary General

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