List of Illuminati members

Illuminati Members Revealed: Common Signs & Symbols

illuminati members1 Illuminati Members Revealed: Common Signs & Symbols

March 19, 2012 – Illuminati Members Revealed: Signs & Symbols Of Illuminati 2012

Guys this is a very sensitive topic. In response to our article on ” How D’banj Sold His Soul To Join A Secret Cult Named illuminati“, we’ve received tons of request from people requesting for names of individuals who are members of Illuminati.

illuminati exposed Illuminati Members Revealed: Common Signs & Symbols

To set the record straight , there are no official Illuminati Pastors in Nigeria list.

Illuminati is a secret society and the only way you can know if someone is an Illuminati member is through confessions from previous members or if they’re caught wearing clothings, accessories with obvious Illuminati signs .
Signs, Symbols Of Illuminati

So if you are looking for Nigerian Pastors in Illuminati, we do not have the exact list.

If you guys are in doubt whether D’banj is an Illuminati member, think again

dbanj illuminati11 Illuminati Members Revealed: Common Signs & Symbols

D’banj is one of the most popular Illuminati member in Nigeria
Illuminati Members List 2012

Apart from D’banj other well known members of the secret cult Illuminati are

Bob Dylan
Bob Marley
Britney spears
Cypress hill
David bowie
Dr dre
Jay z
Nicki Minaj
Aretha Franklin
Paris Hilton
Jim Carey
Justin Bieber
Kanye west
Lady gaga
Lil Wayne
Marilyn Manson
Michael Jackson (turned against them)
Notorious B.I.G
T pain
Tupac Shakur (but then turned against them)

And other popular music stars of today.

Watch the video
Illuminati Secrets Exposed 2012

Illuminati Secret Agenda: Plans To Take Over The World

A very well known member of the Illuminati is a man named John Todd. He is American and born into the occult of witchcraft. Witchcraft is reported to be one of the main religions in which they remain the most secretive in this society and they are also known as the Illuminati.

John Todd quickly went up in the rankings and even became a high ranking priest for the Illuminati. He quickly became interested in running and controlling the world. John Todd was also a part of the “council of thirteen” who this group of people and he was one of the few who ranked right below the powerful family of London also know as the Rothschild family. This family is the most powerful privately owned bankers in the whole world and they are also the owners of the federal reserve bank in the U.S.A..

It’s a very well known story that John joined the army to connect with the coven’s of witches and became a green beret in Vietnam. He later left vietnam and went to Germany where he killed a former commanding officer of a small argument while they were both in a bar. He even claims that the Illuminati helped him out of jail and the Pentagon even got rid of his military records for him.

Todd say’s that the Illuminati has begun putting into action the plans to completely take over the whole world. He says that only the churches who co-operate with his laws will bypass the private ownerships of guns and remove the tax exemptions. The Rothschild’s are going to make up a lie about fuel shortage, take away all weapons and begin implementing the murder and torture of any Christians.

The only way to survive is if Christians began to arm themselves, have enough food to last up to five years, hide in various retreats, and defend themselves from any evil that is going to attack them.

A lot of this information is difficult to believe, but you will need to do more research to fully understand how the Illuminati works. I highly recommend that you are well prepared for the time that the Illuminati comes your way. You must have some sort of a plan.
Believers Beware!


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