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Security issues in Turkana-Pokot set 300 soldiers

The government has posted an additional 300 police officers to Turkana and Pokot counties to deal with insecurity in the two counties, which are prone to cattle rustling.

The Internal Security ministry has also given additional vehicles to police stations in the region to boost the security.

Rift Valley police boss John Mbijiwe said they had put in place effective measures to deal with cattle rustling and general insecurity in the two areas. “We will eradicate cattle rustling so that we can restore a secure environment in the affected areas,” he said. The officers will also be involved in the ongoing disarmament exercise in the two counties where the influx of illegal arms fuels conflict.

Meanwhile, Cooperative Development assistant minister Linah Jebii Kilimo has urged leaders to promote national healing and reconciliation among Kenyans ahead of the next general election. She thanked leaders and elders from the Pokot and Marakwet communities’ recent initiative to preach peace and reconciliation among members of the two communities.

Kilimo said insecurity occasioned by banditry and cattle rustling have no room in the modern world. “I commend efforts by Pokot and Marakwet elders in ensuring peace at the border between the two communities,” she said. The assistant minister said devolution will ensure equitable distribution of resources and empower citizens at the grassroots.

She said in the new the constitution, the devolved units are entitled to 15 per cent of national budgetary allocation annually. She urged the residents to invest in the education of their children. Kilimo has urged Pokots and Marakwets to invest in education to develop skilled manpower to exploit the economic potential in the area.

She said communities in the Kerio Valley will only reap the fruits of devolution if they their children to school irrespective of gender, adding that can only be possible in a peaceful and secure environment.

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