Circumcision is NOT SAFE ENOUGH to prevent AIDS!!! It’s also damaging!!!

Neither will the World Health Organization, nor UNAIDS, nor any other group promoting circumcision claim that circumcision is SAFE ENOUGH to prevent AIDS without a condom!

Their claim that circumcision provides a PARTIAL effect (beyond a reasonable doubt) is like playing Russian roulette with your life. In Russian roulette you put one bullet in the barrel of a gun with six slots. You spin the slots, point the gun at your head, and pull the trigger. If the bullet comes out, you lose. If the bullet does not come out, you win that time, but maybe not the next time.

Professor Ron Gray who helped to promote circumcision in African countries also did a study for men who were unwilling to have themselves circumcised. His study showed that uncircumcised men who waited more than ten minutes to clean themselves and dried themselves off with a dry cloth had a lower incidence of HIV infections. This study which was presented at the 4th International AIDS Society conference in Australia in July 2007 provided a LESS INTRUSIVE, CHEAPER, LESS RISKY, and MORE EFFECTIVE way to prevent HIV infections than circumcision.

With this knowledge, the question then becomes: why didn’t the researchers call on the African countries to STOP promoting circumcision when they KNEW that there was a safer and more effective way than circumcision to prevent AIDS?

Please read the following articles which prove how worthless circumcision truly is in the fight against AIDS:

Countries that have the highest number of commercial sex workers (prostitutes) also tend to have the highest rates of HIV infection.

If WHO, UNAIDS, and the Center for Disease Control really want to bring the percentages of AIDS to zero percent, why don’t they work on changing the laws of countries with high rates of commercial sex workers? They would promote laws that would require commercial sex workers to make sure that their clients used a condom correctly.

Promoting circumcision for males only is a prejudiced and sexist stance. Would WHO, UNAIDS, and the Center for Disease Control promote alteration of the females genitalia? The male has a fold of skin called foreskin. The female also has a fold of skin called the labia minora? Wouldn’t the removal of the female’s fold of skin reduce her chances to contract HIV? Why don’t any of these organizations suggest this procedure?

Circumcision is a damaging form of MALE GENITAL MUTILATION.

The reason that circumcised men want uncircumcised men to become circumcised is so that the psychologically painful truth of having a damaged penis can be easily forgotten.

What these doctors and organizations need is a LAW SUIT brought against them based upon the fact that you or your partner did not sign the circumcision form with fully informed consent. You should seek for legal retribution for damages if you or your partner or child were circumcised, but did not know the following information:

1. Circumcision removes at least one third of penile skin.

2. Circumcision removes hundreds of feet of nerves.

3. Circumcision removes the nerves that are sensitive to light touch in the tip of the foreskin and on the underside where the frenulum is.

4. Circumcision removes a protective covering leaving the glans to develop a thicker layer of skin to protect itself. This process is called kerotinization.

5. Circumcision removes a gliding mechanism that was meant to facilitate intercourse between a man and woman.

(For the above 5 points see references at the bottom)

If you are lucky enough to still have your foreskin, then either engage in abstinence or use condoms consistently every time you have sex with someone (unless the person is your spouse, and your spouse has taken an AIDS test). Do not throw away (or allow your partner to throw away) the best part of the penis.

The biggest promoter of circumcision is ignorance. Please, find a real solution to AIDS, not an excuse to promote a damaging procedure.

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(If the length of the erect circumcised penis is six inches and the length of the foreskin is three inches, then circumcision removes one-third of the penile skin)





Other references:

Lost list:

The Touch Test

Fine-touch pressure thresholds in the adult penis


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