family matters

There are a number of factors that affect family life and relationships, both those within the family and outside the family. Family lifestyle is one of these factors that encompasses a number of smaller issues including everything from the eating habits of the people in the family to the way they communicate with each other, and even the kinds of friends they have. Other significant factors include the structure of the family itself; for example, whether it is a two-parent or single-parent family, or whether additional step-parents are part of the extended family. Socioeconomic status is another extremely significant factor with family life and relationships, since this is related to the amount of income a family has, as well as where and how they live.

The personalities and individual issues of people in the family certainly affect family life and relationships. If one member has a temper, for example, arguments might be more common, leading to strained family relationships. More serious family issues, such as abusive people in the family, or people with addictions to drugs or alcohol, can also lead to problems in family life and relationships. Other factors can affect relationships in both positive and negative ways, such as when couples separate, divorce, or remarry.

Changes in family structure are one of the most significant factors that affect family life and relationships. When a couple divorces, or a single individual or single parent gets remarried, it becomes necessary to restructure the family dynamic, and each member of the family will have to get used to the new structure. Kids frequently have a difficult time adjusting to changes in family life such as this. Often it will be necessary to find new ways of communicating to ensure everyone gets along as well as possible.

Another large factor that affects family life and relationships is finance. Changes in employment status, for example, can have a big impact; it can also affect where people live, where children go to school, or the type of home that a family lives in. Social pressures from the neighborhood may change the dynamic as well. Even smaller things, such as activities that the family enjoys doing together, can be changed based on a variation in employment status or finances within the family. These are just some of the largest factors affecting family life and relationships; every family is different, and different situations or changes within the family can have a smaller or larger impact on certain relationships than others.


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