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Project Supervisor(s): PROF LUCY WAIRIMU KIBERA


The major purpose of the study was to investigate the factors that affect the participation of girls in
secondary education in Turkana South District. The factors investigated included age, pupils’ interest, socioeconomic,
socio-cultural, school related factors and secondary school’ bursary funds. The study- employed
descriptive survey method. The target population was the students, head teachers and Constituency Development
Fund officials. The instruments used were questionnaires and interview guide. The findings revealed that socioeconomic
factors had the highest impact that affected girls education. The social-economic factors included
missing school to look after animals, lack of uniforms and taking care of other family members. School based
factors such as drug abuse, distance from school, students forced to repeat, poor academic performance lack of
physical facilities, conflict with teachers and un interesting curriculum affected the participation of girls in
education. The study found out that social cultural factors such as pregnancy, initiation rites and early marriages
affected the participation of girls in education. It was found out that the CDF had enhanced girl child education
with a number of girls accessing school due to the fund. In view of the findings it was concluded that socioeconomic
factors like poverty, low income, demand for child labour, high cost of living etc had an effect on the
participation of girls in schools. It was also concluded that socio-cultural factors such as early marriages was a
major cause of low participation of girls in education. School based factors were also responsible to low
participation of girls in education. The study also concluded that the CDP fund had enabled students access
education. On the basis of the findings it was recommended that that there is need to enhance to economic
situation of the people so that they are able to cater for the education of their children especially girls; that the
community should be educated on the importance of girl-child education to stop the practice of early marriages;
that the government should assist school through the CDF in the provision of physical facilities so that the
education of girls can be enhanced; that government through the Teachers Service Commission should employ
more female teachers in school to act as role models to the girls hence encouraging them to study. Since the study
was carried out in one district and on few factors, the researcher suggested that studies should be conducted on
teacher related factors and their effect on girl child education, and effects of nomadism on girl child education.
Finally there is a need to carry out a similar research in other districts in order to gauge which factors affect the
participation of girls in education.


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