Tuesday July 3, 2012-The family of the late former Internal Security Assistant Minister Joshua Orwa Ojode is currently entangled in an inheritance row over custody of the late Orwa Ojode’s wife and his sprawling estate.

Mr Ojode’s elder brother, Samuel Awoudi Ojodeh wrote to the Speaker of the National Assembly Kenneth Marende and Clerk of the National Assembly Patrick Gichohi requesting them to stop the payment Sh 20 million insurance compensation, the late Ojode was entitled to.

“This is request you to stop any payment of any compensation or death benefits to the widow  or any other party until matters relating to the administration of Ojode’s wife are resolved,” Owuod said on a letter dated on 2nd   July.

Owuod further stated that according to Luo customary laws, the elder brother is supposed to inherit the wife and she should respect him at all costs.

He claimed soon after the minister’s burial that the widow kicked close family members out of their Runda home and opted to deal with strangers.

“She is dealing with strangers. She does not want to speak to us. We have tried to calling her she is not picking our calls. We want to follow Luo community laws on inheritance,” Awuod said.

The Ojode’s brother said he wrote the letter on behalf of his mother Mrs Ulda Oloo Ojodeh and other dependants who were benefiting from late Ojodeh’s family.

He said the widow had refused to cooperate with the extended family on matters relating to the deceased’s estate.

“If any payment must be made, it should be paid to the public trustee who will hold the same for the benefit of all the dependants,” he continued.

Romour has it that they have identified a relative to inherit even the wife which she is against but close relatives think that it has been a tradition and they must inherit her!

The late Ojode died in a helicopter crash on June 10 alongside Internal Security Minister George Saitoti, two bodyguards and two pilots. He was buried in his Unga farm in Ndhiwa constituency.

Ojode was survived by the embattled widow Mrs Mary Ojode and a son Andrew who is currently studying in the United Kingdom.


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