Turkana: World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day celebrated in Mikeka ground

People of Turkana have celebrated world malaria day, with hopes of survival despite challenges on its control. The acting medical officer of health for Turkana central, Dr. Epem Esekon, said that many cases of malaria are being reported than any other diseases. He reported that malaria contributes 40% of the diseases encountered. Speaking during the celebrations on behalf the district medical officer of health, Dr. Epem said that the government has been facing some challenges in the region, on the fight against malaria. He noted some of the challenges as lack of access to cheap medicine and failure to get early treatment. However he said, there are mechanisms laid in place to fight against the disease. At the same time, the district surveillance coordinator Mr. Absolom Kuya has called for the government, to increase the supply of mosquito nets in the area, saying that the rate of malaria in the region is alarming. However they congratulated the contribution of the Non-Governmental Organizations. Among the visitors present were Dr. Godson Eze, Dr. kabir and Ngozi Eronou both from world health organization and Dr. Sabir from merlin. During the celebrations residents were issued with mosquito nets that were donated by world vision.

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