The meeting was conducted in Lodwar where the main point of discussion was collaboration of all the professional, students, aspirants and others who were expected. The there was not a lot accusations between the Mr. Ekwee Ethuro and John Munyes on which he as been accusing the other opponents, the forum was conducted at KTMC Lodwar, the  share turkana to get was to be discussed. The turkana leaders were not in agreement with  Tullow decision of  turkana people getting 25% after  25year.

Due to this reason, the Tullow process was stopped for further notice; the TURKANA people are blaming the government i.e. county council for selling the Turkana land anyhow. Several checks were submitted which   were connected with Mr. Ekwee and Nanok.

John Munyes   firstly disqualified the rumour of him  not going for senator but for governorship, he told the members that  he is going for SENATORSHIP , he also promised that he will go within Ekwee anywhere . The Wetangula disqualified the selling of   Turkana land  at kshs 800,000 but Wetangula said he was given kshs 150,000 for the  supervision work he was doing. The people involved are Mr. Ekwee and Nanok in the selling of the land.

Dr. Ekal Imana, also was walking on the Lodwar town because of the claim of him being an American but a Kenya. He also said that he decided to walk waiting for the person who is trying to deny him the right as a Kenya but all in all  a Turkana by birth not but registration.

The Turkana people were happy of the forum like where people can hear the naked truth but not naked lies. They expect the next visit of  Prime Minister Raila Odinga.


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