Turkana: Kenya Union of Civil servants Election Result

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The Kenya union of civil servants Turkana branch has conducted its election today after the last election’s nullified by the head office. The elections were presided over by the labour officer, in charge of Trans zoia, west pokot and Turkana county, Mr. Jacob Ameme who gave the members directions priar to election. The presiding officer congratulated the members for showing high standard of discipline, during and after elections. He said that the election reached high level of the national requirements. At the same time the newly elected chair person, Crokem Kiong’a Etoot, could not hide his feelings of taking the office. He promised to work with views of the members to reach to the better results of the branch union. During the elections Crokem Etoot was elected chair person scoring 65 votes against 35 of the out going chair Calling Kiapa who has been serving for the last 5yrs. Others were Moses Etelej the new secretary, Magdalene Lotiir treasurer, Margaret Lomosingo vice chair person, Shakespear Lomoe vice secretary and Jacenta Amana vice treasurer, Eunice Ateo women leader and Obed Amusia youth representative who were elected unopposed.. As opposed to the previous elections that were nullified, in this, only Magdalene Lotiir maintained her position as a treasurer.


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