World Refugee day in Kakuma

World Refugee Day: twenty years of helping families uprooted from their homes

ECHO/Malini MorzariaECHO/Malini Morzaria

Close to one million people, mainly from Somalia, live as refugees in the Horn of Africa.

None of these people chose to live as a refugee. Conflicts and droughts have been the leading causes of population movements across borders. Many families flee with nothing; they settle in camps that are often overcrowded, and have to depend on handouts.

The European Commission Humanitarian and Civil Protection department (ECHO) is working with partners across the Horn of Africa to give refugees some dignity. From Dadaab camp in Kenya, which has existed for close to 20 years, to Yusuf Batil camp in South Sudan, which is only a couple of months old, the Commission is providing basic life-saving services to refugee populations, including medicine, food, shelter, water and protection.

Shelter and space remains inadequate in most refugee camps with increasing new arrivals fleeing their countries in the region. In Dadaab, Kenya, many still live in makeshift domes made of sticks and sheets of paper. EC/ECHO/Ian Van Engelgem

Providing adequate and clean drinking water to refugees is one of the goals that ECHO’s funding seeks to address. With limited natural resources, in Dolo Ado, women and children often have to wait for hours to get water for their families. EC /ECHO/Damien Blanc

In one of the newest refugee crises, over 120,000 Sudanese have settled in Maban county of Upper Nile state in South Sudan following fighting in the Blue Nile state of Sudan. In Hofra transit camp, the biggest challenge is providing enough clean drinking water. EC /ECHO/Thomas Conan

Amer Jok Achol is from Jonglei State; one of the 6,000 Southern Sudanese who recently arrived in Kakuma Refugee camp in north-western Kenya. EC /ECHO/Anna Chudolinska

ECHO will continue helping needy populations uprooted from their countries until such a time when voluntary repatriation, host country assimilation, or resettlement to a third country can take place.


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