Turkana: MPs call for solutions in war zones

The Igembe North MP Ntoitha Mithiaru has urged the government to solve major conflict between the Igembe, Borana, Samburu and Turkana. Mithiaru, who was reacting to last Friday’s killings at Ndoleli where seven people were killed in  their manyattas, said lack of proper mechanisms of sharing the available resources is the source of conflict. “The killings were due to a revenge attack after a herder from the Borana community was killed by charcoal burners from the same community. The assailants ere misinformed that it is the people from Igembe who killed him and that why they retaliated” said Mithiaru.

He also called for introduction of the Kenya Police Reservists in Igembe whom he said have helped in curbing incidences of cattle rustling. “The Isiolo side has fifteen reservist police and we need them here in Igembe because the regular police cannot act quickly to respond to such attacks because they don’t have vehicles and the poor state of our roads hampers quick movement”, he said.

He added that more conflicts arise due to lack of enough watering points for the livestock and urged the government to drill more boreholes for the residents to take their animals for drinking. He also called upon the residents to maintain peace and desist from any retaliation attacks which might plunge the region into war.


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