who will be the kibaki’s successor?

Who will be President Kibaki’s successor? This paradox requires impartial and profound analysis on top contenders history and political fortunes. It is confusing and highly doubtful if any of the present presidential candidates will keep Kibaki’s track record as good as it is. Development, economic empowerment, job creation, security, and cross-border trade concession to expand Kenya’s economy…………….
In Kenya, based on such metrics such as zero scandals, incumbent development record, austerity, leadership skill, authority in leadership, and public policy, none of the current presidential aspirants would win an election.
However, individual efforts can be play a significant role in shaping their political future besides win an election. Kibaki regime has been controversial only politically but has been the best economically. It is the president’s economic blueprint and consistent efforts to bring security and empowerment into a reality that can give a formidable candidate a competitive edge.
The above require using Kibaki’s socio-economic blueprint and ensure it is replicated in the next government. The candidate must use the Kibaki blueprint to sell his agenda.


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