Who is Raila Amolo Odinga

Raila Amolo Odinga

FULL NAMES: Raila Amolo Odinga
PARTY: Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)
  • Detained without trial for six years following August 1, 1982, coup attempt by Kenya Air Force personnel. Initially charged with treason, detained after nolle prosequi entered by state; 1982
  • Six months after being released, detained again for a year; 1988
  • One year after being released, detained again for a year; 1990
  • Political asylum in Norway for four months; 1991
  • Returns to Kenya to help found the Forum for the Restoration of Democracy, the first new political party to be registered after the restoration of the multiparty state in Kenya; 1991
  • General election: Wins Langata parliamentary seat on a Ford-Kenya ticket; 1992
  • Resigns from Ford-Kenya, joins the National Development Party (NDP); 1996
  • Wins Langata by-election on NDP ticket; 1997
  • General election: Successfully defends Langata seat; 1997
  • Presidential candidate: Achieves third place in field of 15; 1997
  • Appointed minister for energy; 2001
  • Leads NDP into merger with Kanu. Elected Kanu secretary-general; 2002
  • Leads Kanu breakaway faction (Rainbow Alliance) to join Liberal Democratic Party (LDP); 2002
  • Teams up with National Alliance Party of Kenya, a group of opposition parties, to form National Rainbow Coalition (Narc); 2002
  • General election: Ensures opposition unity by taking a rear seat and publicly backing Mwai Kibaki for president; 2002
  • Signs Memorandum of Understanding regarding cabinet power-sharing in event of Narc election victory; 2002
  • Successfully defends Langata seat on LDP ticket; 2002
  • Narc ousts Kanu from power it has held since Independence; 2002
  • Appointed minister for roads, public works and housing, but Kibaki reneges on Memorandum of Understanding power-sharing agreement; 2002
  • After Draft Constitution proposed by assembly of representatives (Bomas Draft) is changed to reflect government self-interest, leads group of parties opposed to changes to become Orange Democratic Movement. ODM leads nation in ‘no’ vote in referendum on constitutional changes, and wins by more than one million votes; 2005
  • Replaced as Minister for roads and public works; 2005
  • Assistant lecturer, department of mechanical engineering, University of Nairobi ; 1970
  • Partner in Franz Schineis & Partners, engineering consultants; 1971
  • Established Standard Processing Equipment Construction & Erection (Spectre, later East African Spectre Ltd), engineering company that later specialised in the manufacture of liquid petroleum gas cylinders; 1971
  • Appointed group standards manager, Kenya Bureau of Standards; 1974
  • Two-month programme at British Standards Institution, London: Standards and specification writing, product testing and quality control; 1975
  • Two-month programme at US National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, Maryland, and University of Denver, Colorado; 1976
  • Promoted to deputy director, Kenya Bureau of Standards; 1978
DATE OF BIRTH: January 7th, 1945
PLACE OF BIRTH: Maseno Church Missionary Society Hospital, Nyanza
SPOUSE: Ida Anyango Oyoo
  • Fidel; YOB: 1973
  • Rosemary; YOB: 1977
  • Raila Jnr; YOB: 1979
  • Winnie; YOB: 1990
HOME: Opoda Farm (Bondo District, Nyanza) and Nairobi
CAMPAIGN WEB SITE: http://www.raila07.com
  • Otto von Guericke Technical University, Magdeburg, Germany (graduated with MSc in Mechanical Engineering); 1964 – 1969
  • Herder Institute (high school). Leipzig, Germany; 1962 – 1964
  • Maranda Primary and High School, Nyanza; 1954 – 1962
  • Kisumu Union Primary School, Nyanza; 1952 – 1953
  • Raila Odinga: An Enigma in Kenyan Politics

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  1. I’m amaze this blog exists. I hope a blog like this which tells the history and biography of a person would be published. It would be so great if even ordinary people’s background are placed here.

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