Arguably the most supported club in Lodwar, Earthmovers FC is proud to be associated with its massive fan base throughout the County, region and National by extension.

We boast of the widest official branch network of supporter groups/associations approximated at above 100 in Kenya alone and over 60 unofficial branches worldwide.

The Earthmovers FC leadership will always strive to continue harnessing the tight relationship between itself and the branch network through monthly consultative meetings with branch officials under the good stewardship of A voluntary Coach Mr Joseph Odukhulla a senior employee at the Ministry of Housing here in Lodwar,Turkana County.

If you wish to join a supporters fun page & association or get more details about the movement, contact the following address or visit: 

Refer to current office under contact us.

Being a club with strong community following and affiliation,  Earthmovers FC is proud to stress its strong commitment in this charter to social values beneficial to the community and environment it operates in.

The club’s off the pitch activities are thus targeted to making the world a better place to live in with key emphasis on mentoring kids in children’s homes and sensitizing youths in educational institutions against illegal underage drinking and use of drugs.

We also place a premium to our extensive fan base by seeking opinion of our supporters through timely consultations.

Supporters’ branch chairmen have direct telephone links with the Supporters’ Liaison Director for the purpose of communicating members’ sentiments to top leadership from time to time.

Through the official website, monthly e-newsletter and quarterly DVD magazine, the club communicates to its wide fan base on minute by minute basis with feedback channel provided on the discussion bulletin on the website for fans to raise queries on one on one basis.

The website makes sure that fans are updated on the match fixtures and the overall performance of the club at all the time.

Through the recruitment section on the website, the club accords fans the first opportunity to apply for jobs in the club.

The club’s tagline, Ours For good  best captures the relationship between the club’s leadership and the supporters where supporters believe that their support for the club is timeless and unconditional.


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