Support Football in Turkana county

All Our Esteemed  Fans  of football  & Well Wishers

The above subject matter refers;

The organizing committee, officials, players and fans of Earthmovers football club in Lodwar cordially asks for your support to a fund raising in Aid of building  Youth Football Academy /Gymnasium and Aerobics to nurture youth talents and improve physical fitness, shape and occupation of our people. We do not want youths to be told or be watching, we want to get them involved. When someone says he/she can or cannot they are not wrong about it, because what one aim at is what he/she will get, lets us be the first example and the rest will follow.

Earthmovers have led by example and even this one I am sure they are going to make it. All talented kids in Turkana and Kenya as a whole will benefit from this, so be one of them, please support and make a mark.

Thank you.
For & on behalf of Earthmovers Football Club-Turkana, Lodwar

CELL: +254 700 576 781


You can make your 
contribution in many ways:


Make a financial contribution… and make a difference!

  • USD 5 buys a T-shirt with the Earthmover FC logo – wearing one gives children and youth a sense of pride and belonging. All our T-Shirts are washed and reused at our sites.
  • USD 10 buys a sturdy soccer ball for use by many children in our year-round program.
  • USD 50 buys a girl or boy a whole year in our program, providing them with both healthy
    recreation and life skills for their future.
  • USD 1,000 helps cover the costs of financial audits that insure the accountability and the delivery of a consistently high-quality program.
  • USD 10,000 pays for 50 youth to take a one-week training workshop in our core health and
    social skills curriculum.
  • USD 25,000 can help launch a new country program for 500 new children in places like Haiti,
    Kenya, Ecuador, or Liberia, where this sum can cover costs for an entire year.

Create a grassroots fundraising event for Earthmover FC

Organize a soccer tournament or event and collect donations to benefit the children and youth in our program. Earthmover FC can provide you with a DVD, brochures and photos.

Participate in the Turkana County Peace Games for
Children and Youth

Help children and youth in your community learn about the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, Vision 2030 and explore how you can work together to achieve them.

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