10 Ethiopians arrested over the kenyan killings

The Ethiopian Government has arrested 10 militiamen said to be behind the killing of three Kenyan policemen. The raiders also injured four other officers. Their arrest is in a bid to improve bilateral relations between Kenya and Ethiopia.

The administration has also recovered two guns stolen from the slain policemen in last month’s attack at Todonyang’ Raid Police Deployment Unit camp by more than 300 Merille bandits from Ethiopia.

The decision to arrest the suspects was one of the decisions made during a meeting between Kenyan and Ethiopian delegates at a meeting in Mombasa on how to resolve armed conflict between pastoralists from the two countries.

The meeting was attended by ambassadors, provincial administrators and security personnel.

Turkana North district commissioner Albert Mwilitsa said the regional president of South Nation and Nationalists of Ethiopia confirmed the arrest of the 10 suspects who are to be arraigned in court to face charges.

Mr Mwilitsa disclosed that Ethiopian security forces were still searching for the uniforms of the slain officers stolen during the raid which has sparked tension between the Turkanas and Merilles.

The administrator in charge of South Omo zone, a Mr Muloka, attended the meeting.

Meanwhile, police in Turkana have smashed an arms smuggling syndicate and arrested four suspects, two of them foreigners.

Guns recovered

The police, acting on a tip-off, raided a manyatta near Lokichoggio Township and recovered two guns and 7,000 rounds of ammunition smuggled from a neighbouring country.

Turkana West DC Patrick Muriira said two Toposa men from South Sudan and two Kenyans were arrested in the Tuesday raid for being behind the arms smuggling racket.


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