Turkana-Pokot Adviced by PS

Leaders in West Pokot county have asked pastoralist communities to embrace education to help end cattle rustling-related conflicts. Speaking during the official opening of Chemwochoi Secondary School yesterday, Public Works PS John Lonyangapuo asked members of the communities to promote education and shun acts that hinder development. ”Currently, the communities are co-existing peacefully since vices like cattle rustling have decreased and many children have gone to school,” said Lonyangapuo. He said many schools have been established in the area by well-wishers and through the Constituency Development Fund.

He also asked the communities to discard female genital mutilation. The PS called upon the wrangling communities of Turkana and Pokot to stop conflicting along the borders citing that it contributes to poor education.   “We must foster peace for our children to have a conducive learning environment. The conflicts have resulted to many children dropping out of school thus increasing tension along the borders,” he said. He called upon leaders from both communities not to incite residents against their neighbours. “Leaders should not promote hatred but preach unity and fight out illiteracy,” he said. The Chair Person of Catholic School Heads Association, Kitale Dioceses Simon Kachapin appealed to the Government to employ more teachers in the County since the County is understaffed.


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