Prime Minister Raila Odinga has said the government will form a commission of inquiry to investigate and give recommendations onhow to solve conflicts along the Turkana/Pokot border. Raila said it is bad for the communities tocontinue fighting instead of engaging in development activities. “Plans are underway to form a commission to giverecommendations on the cause and how to find a permanent solution to the conflict,” said the premier.

He was answering questions asked by youth from Trans Nzoiaand West Pokot county during a political rally to meet delegatesfrom the two counties. During question time, the youth asked the premier aboutmeasures the government has put in place to solve Turkana/Pokot conflicts, whatis the state doing to respond to dangers of climate change and the issue ofpoor infrastructure in North Rift region.“Pokot and Turkana are good areas for development if peaceexisted and the government is committed to address the setbacks to enhance theareas economic growth”.


He gave an example of Israel which is a desert, butbecause of peace and irrigation the country produces enough food and surplusfor export. “It is shame for our country to rely on relief food when wehave the potential of producing and importing the surpluses like India, Korea and China,” he said.


The PM said Kitale-Lokichar-Lodwar, Todanyiangand Juba roads will be constructed to improve trade between Kenya and Southern Sudan. He challenged researchers to come up with ways of adaptingto climate change. Several people have lost lives in the past few months in the conflict between Pokot and Turkana at theTurkwel border.


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