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World illuminati members

Also called The Barvarian Illuminati, Freemasons and the Hells Angels controlled by the Bearluminaty. They are a cult of smartasses bent on spreading weird looking drawings within America and the World. The members might belong to Satanic cults or Jesus-loving Gut religions. They are confusing because they encourage the use of truthiness, but rarely practice it. To be on the safe side, REAL Americansignore any mention of their existence.





Background Edit

The Illuminati wacut, The French Revolution, Lincoln‘s assassination, The Liberal Media, the Soviet Union, Women’s Lib, and the creation of Justin Bieber. In fact, they were responsible for every unjust act that ever occurred anywhere; when you stubbed your toe yesterday… it was the Illuminati! …maybe, you see…

Great American Heroes like George Bush are said to be members, but our Evil Arch-Enemies such as Michael Moore are also alleged to be members…


Many people believe the New World Order was created at the Bretton Woods Conference, but it wasn’t. The truth is that the Illuminati was created following an edict sent from the Holy father. Moses was the only human to see the order in writing (it was the Eleventh Commandment) and destroyed it as God had commanded (the Twelth Commandment) by throwing the thrid tablet off that mountain.

So here’s what we’re gonna do peopleEdit

We’re going to make a sub-section depending on if the Illuminati are rightous upstanding gut preaching Truthy moralizers or if they’re bad cankerous spreaders of malodious cowardism.

The GoodEdit

Lord, I know you’re watchin me


Its members do the hard task of SHUTTING people up who disagree with Republicans and the Lord’s representative, George Bush. Their covert activities only strengthen America and Her resolve to tell people here and abroad how to live their lives, regardless of trivial laws only meant for poor people to obey.

To become a member of the Illuminati you have to believe in the Baby Jesus, his long lost twin George Bush, Apple Pie, Baseball, and missionary style sexs. Illuminati: BEAM ME UP!

The BadEdit

The effects of Marijuana: Making really weird, cool looking drawings


Its members try to obtain authority or influential status so that they may then corrupt American minds with atheistbearism magick from within. Their mindless minions are most commonly referred to as Democrats. Their most influential agents are part of the Hollywood elite; ACTORS! Remember, Lincoln’s assassination was carried out by an Actor.

To become a member of the Illuminati you have to be all book-smart and junk, you must commit tyranny, swear allegiance to Satan, sacrifice your first born child, and then join the Democratic Party.

This organization remains a threat to America’s duty to be ignorant. Illuminati: Pack yer bags and report to GITMO!!

Symbols Edit

The GoodEdit


Keep smiling and don’t make any sudden movements.
By watching you, we’re protecting you.

The symbol of the Illuminati is the All-Seeing-Eye, symbolic of God and Big brother, who both make us feel warm and fuzzy. This symbol can be seen on the back of any dollar bill, reminding us that with God-Money, I’ll do anything for you. God=Money just tell me what you want me to do. Hence the time honored motto, “In God We Trust”.*

*Rumored plans to change “God” to “Stephen Colbert” or “George Bush” would make our money worth MORE! BOW DOWN BEFORE THE ONE YOU SERVE!

The BadEdit

The symbol of the Illuminati is the All-Seeing-Eye, symbolic of the order’s perverted gaze upon trustworthy Americans. This symbol can be seen on the back of any dollar bill. Placing the symbol on pure American currency is an ironic joke to Illuminati members, since cold, hard-earned cash is one thing they seek to abolish.

Future Edit

The GoodEdit

The Illuminati are hastening the coming of Baby Jesus and Television shows you can watch with your Grand Parents.

It has been revealed by Jesus himself that Satan fears their stauch family values and hard work ethic which will lead to the freedom of loving Jesus and Christianity as a world dominating, er,, embracing religion. According to Jesus, He and the Illuminati are best-friends. Candid photos are frequently taken of them holding hands. DOn’t worry, everything’s safe/ everything’s cool.

The BadEdit

The Illuminati are hastening the coming of the anti-christ and the end of the world.

It has been revealed by Jesus himself that the Illuminati will Revolt in their Cause of New World Order led by the anti-christ (See: Bowel) and it will be marked by the spread of a freedom-hating government, the creation of a religious group of science-spewing god-haters, and a skyrocketing population of elephants. According to Jesus, the Illuminati will eliminate freedom, execute believing Christians, and make bears the world-mascot. This event will be known as the Bear Uprising of 2012.

Members of The Illuminati Edit

The GoodEdit

Current Members of the Illuminati Include:”


has been granted full United States “citizenship”
for their donation to Republican causes.
America thanks you, Illuminati


Controlled byEdit

The Bearluminaty

The BadEdit

Current Members of the Illuminati Include:

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