KENYA:The Illuminati Are Right HERE

Obama is a puppet being used by the illuminati to further their goals of putting in place a new world order whereby there will be a one world government dictated by some white guy who will be known as among other names as “The Beast”, (yes the biblical beast ). The increased Arab revolutions in Egypt, Syria, and Libya have all been planned and executed by the illuminati and it’s now time do the same to Somalia.
Operation “Linda Inchi” is not a Kenya government infinitive but rather an initiative of the Illuminati using NATO (which is the combatant branch of the illuminati). The entire operation is directly funded by NATO plus other goodies to our government meant to entice it into accepting and cooperating fully with NATO on its plans and desires to Somalia and its people.
Pretty soon the Kenyan shilling will start to stabilize and begin to appreciate against the dollar and other major world currencies mainly due to the huge amounts of dollars being pumped into the country by NATO to fund the war and also help ease the shillings downward trend (which has been orchestrated by yes you guessed it right NATO)
The war in Somalia was planed many years ago and it was to commence immediately after the planed demise of Gaddafi (God Rest His soul) and the Kenyan military would be financed by them to do the dirty work on their behalf.
You may ask yourself why NATO would want to invade such an insignificant country like Somalia that has not oil like Libya or Iraq. Well the answer lies in the fact that Somali geographical position in the world will form a perfect military base for NATO in readiness with its impending war with the east (you know the one described in revelation) its proximity to the middle east where the main war will be waged. Somalia geographical position lies in the middle of Africa, this way any revolutions from any African nations can be dealt with swiftly and firmly hence the one world government capital of the illuminati in Africa will be based in Somalia.
Be careful before ignorantly supporting a war which in real sense is not being fought by Kenya nor for the benefit of Kenya and its citizens.

Have a thoughtful afternoon now, won’t you?

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  1. a u sure ur not an al shabaab sympathizer? so, in ua twisted logic, NATO asked al Shabaab to attack Kenya so that the latter will hav a credible excuse to invade Somalia? Hey, this is small gossip 4 small minds.

  2. Hi, Edwin really not sympathixing with al-shabaab but puting things into order on which we all need to know.


  4. These are mind games,nothing adds up here.Start from Arab revolution to War against terrorism.Your story does not weigh anything.Look for better facts when making such stories!

  5. illuminate is jst hell on earth they r destroying man kind

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