Myth:Men fear women

The “Do Men fear Strong Women?

Anybody that has done even limited research on issues involving the Male/Female relationship has probably seen this question surface from time to time. There are many forums and blogs discussing the implications of this statement and whether it holds any validity. While the use of the word “Strong” in this context is worthy of debate, in this thread I will use the phrase to refer more to women who identify themselves this way (independent, ambitious, opposed to the idea that women are nurturers.)

Let me be the first to say the answer to the question is clearly NO, Men do not fear Strong Women. In fact, by and large, they seem to be attracted to women who have a strong personality and determination to achieve happiness and success in their lives. But the question itself is not posed with the intention of being answered; it is more rhetorical. “Of course men fear strong women, that is why they are not happy until they get a woman that is subservient and praises the ground they walk on.” Therefore, if men are not willing to be subservient to women and accommodate all her wishes and desires – despite the cost to HIS freedom and happiness – then they are afraid.

Men are not afraid of Strong Women. They are actually turned off by what many modern Feminists describe as Strong because these characteristics are the opposite to what most men look for in a women. In terms of biology, physiology and psychology differences, it is obvious men tend to excel in some areas where women tend to struggle, whereas women tend to excel in some areas where men tend to struggle. This has little to do with equality and oppression but more to do with accepting that men and women are different, and the way their brains and bodies operate in certain situations can differ dramatically.

The next time you hear somebody use the “men just fear strong women” card, remember that they are probably doing so to justify why they have trouble finding members of the opposite sex who are attracted to them.

This world is built and maintained by someone knowing what has to be done and very often stepping out on the limb at very high RISKS to get it done. Thus providing a level of safety and security for others. These others do not necessarily want to know how it gets done and dont want to share in the RISKS. They just want it done like a Buffet line. They just want to show up and enjoy. They dont want to know the details. They just want to manage and direct from the sidelines.

This being “EQUALITY”, How much of this RISK is going to be undertaken by todays strong woman?? Or are they just going to direct from the side lines while someone else takes the RISK to get and maintain this world??

Most women I have ever met ..dont want to operate at HIGH RISK..either in Environmental risks or danger risks. By enviornmental RISK I mean conditions of high discomforture..heat, cold, or conditions where one can be killed or maimed for life. To put their physical/beauty calling card at RISK is not to be done. This type of RISK is for others..not for them. They tend to show up and direct events after all the RISK has been done and the buffet line has been set up based on the RISKS taken by others..and then they direct events.

I also know that many of todays males, raised primarily by women, and television and movie experiences, do not want to take the RISKS necessary to keep and maintain this world. They want to sit back and text message or video game their way through life. They are for all purposes..high maintenance. They want to be amused and entertained…by entitlement thinking.


Amusement/Amuse..without thinking

What I am saying is that these applications are not equal and almost no women I know are interested in this type of equality or RISK taking. This is not equality…it is politics based on social roles or default settings to play through unquestioned or unchallanged.

If you have to ask about RISK…I have to ask what you have been doing for most of your life?? Who provides or has provided your security/safety blanket??



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