Are mothes Special people?

Why Mothers Are Very Special?

Thursday, March 8, 2012, 16:19 [IST]
 Mothers Are The Most Special Women
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What so special about mothers? Have you wondered why she is the most special women in your life. Certain bonds cannot be broken and the bond of a child and a mother is one of them.

1. Why Mothers The Most Special Women- This Women’s day 2012 think of the most important and special person in your life. This certainly brings your mother into the picture. It is always believed that every man has a special women in his life. And the first women in his life is his mother. Women’s day 2012 is celebrated to felicitate the achievements of women. But the biggest achiever or the best gift of the almighty is your mother. Her unconditional love, support and her always forgiving nature makes her a very important person. Mothers are most important because it is believed that god can not reach everywhere so he has created ‘Mothers’.

2. Bond Between A Mother And A Daughter- Some bonds in life are just irreplaceable. A mother daughter bond is one of them. When a daughter falls and bruises herself it’s the mother who suffers the pain. Giving life to a person is in the hands of the almighty but the powers are equally vested in a women. Daughters may take her love for granted and crib about her over possessive nature. But when the daughter departs and become the ‘women’ of another house she comes to know her value and her importance.

3. Gods Best Creation– The enduring quality of a mother, her charm and always giving attitude makes her one of gods best creation. When love is unconditional and when it is done without any greed then it has to be the one of a mother. Fathers are equally important but the cord of the child is struck with his mother. That is because he emerges from her body and she takes immense trouble to bring him to this world.

4. Make Your Mother Feel Special– This Women’s day 2012 make your mother feel special. Be the bond of a mother daughter or the bond with a son she seems like an all rounder. She curbs her desires to fulfill yours. My mother is exceptional because I can talk to her about anything under the roof. My mother is the most special women I know because she kept me very protected and inculcated great values. Today I am an educated independent lady. And her values have come with me a long way. Some day when I become a mother will keep her as my ideal. My mother is my real women and will try bringing a smile to her face.

5. Mothers Toils All Day To Keep You Happy– She is very special women because she works round the clock and toils without any complains. She keeps you happy and does all your work without you saying. The only person who tolerates your cranky behavior and easily gives in to your tantrums. That is what makes her the most special women in every individuals life.


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