RHODA ARUPE LOYOR Turkana West 0714465030 Women rep Not coming
1 PAULINE LOKURUKA Loima 0721546476 Women rep Coming
2 JOYCE AKAI EMANIKOR Turkana East 0722101169 Women rep Will join us on Thursday
3 MARY EKUTAN Turkana South 0728370991 Women rep Coming
  MARY LOMOJO Turkana West 0727373305 Member of parliament Not coming
4 ESTHER AYEPIO Turkana South 0728103179 Member of parliament Coming
  ELIZABETH LOMERILEE MODO Turkana West 0720754088 Member of parliament Not coming
5 REBECCA AJIKON AKENO Turkana West 0711391454 County rep. Coming
6 REBECCA AKINGOL ESEKON Turkana North 0718221464 County rep. Coming
7 JACINTA ABENYO Turkana North 0729876887 County rep. Coming
8 BEATRICE ASUKUL Turkana South 0723903750 Member of parliament Coming
9 STELLA LOCHODO Turkana South 0722516922 Women rep Coming
10 REBECCA LOWOYA Turkana East   Member of parliament Coming
11 ZAINABU LOKAALE Turkana East 0713679851 County rep. Coming
12 MARGRET LODUK Turkana Central 0716383588 County rep. Coming
13 LEAH EWOI Turkana Central 0719623239 County rep / member of parliament Coming
14 FLORENCE ILLIKWEL EKAI Turkana South 0710952000 Women rep. Coming
15 JACINTA EKAL EPEYON Loima 0715410402 County rep. Coming
16 MAXIMILLA LOBALI LOBUIN Turkana West   County rep. Coming
17 ESTHER ATUKON EWOI Turkana West   County rep. Coming
18 RHODA PAYO Turkana West 0717061796 County rep. Coming
19 HELLEN MZEE ENGORPUL Turkana West 0734359417 County rep. Coming
  ELIZABETH LIMAGUR Turkana South 0720285306 Member of parliament Not coming
20 PENINA TOPOLE Turkana South 0711648103 County rep. Coming
21 ALICE KAAMAN Turkana South 0718081147 County rep. Coming
22 SARAH LOCHODO Turkana South   Member of parliament Coming
23 SELINA LOKOPE Turkana East 0710382091 County rep. Coming
24 MARGRET EKUWAM Loima 0714565862 County rep. Coming
25 SILVIA NAKADI Turkana west 0728935299 County rep. Coming
26 DORCAS EPUSIYE Turkana South   County rep. Coming
27 DAMARIS LOKOROI Turkana West 0716268542 Youth lady Turkana west (County rep) Coming
28 CATHERINE ASIMIT AKUWAM Turkana West   Bunge la wanainchi activist -Kakuma Coming
29 RUTH AKORU Turkana East 0724973891 Chair (TWADO) women advocacy Turkana Coming
30 CLEMENTINA NAITA Turkana South 0712236950 KNUT Treasurer – Popular and influential Coming
31 SELINA LONGECHEL MUNYES Turkana South 0713877207 Popular and influential Coming
32 MARGRET LOMOSINGO Turkana Central 0729411104/ 0734226840 Popular and influential –provincial administration (Town Chief Lodwar) Coming
33 ANN LIGOI ILLIKWEL Turkana West 0724889904 Popular and influential –provincial administration (Assistant Chief- Kakuma) Coming
34 ESTHER APETET Turkana North 0706572083(area not connected) Popular and influential –provincial administration (Assistant Chief- Nachukui) Coming
  REBECCA ERUS Turkana Central 0715097940 Popular and influential – lake turkana Not coming
35 ELIZABETH LOOLEL Turkana North 0710232374 Influential lady and official Turkana teachers cooperative society Coming
36 ROSE KAPENGI Turkana South (Kalapata) 0713119620 Musician on peaceful co-existence Coming replacing Rhoda Loyor
37 EMMA LOPOKOR EKUTAN Turkana West (Naturuturio) 0724852012 Aspirant for county rep Letea area Coming & replacing Elizabeth Limagur
38 HELLEN ANYAS LOIMA (Kotaruk) 0729590249 Musician on peaceful co-existence Coming replacing Rebecca Erus
39 MARY TIOKO   0710245920 Media officer Catholic FM Radio- Akicha Coming & additional you requested to be added
40 MARGRET NABUIN Turkana Central (Kerio) 0712210937 1st woman Cllr. Turkana Coming & additional you requested to be added
41 MARY EROT GTCSN-Gender officer 0717219569 CSOs staff Coming & additional you requested to be added
42 JOYCE ASINYEN TURKANA EAST (Lomelo) 0714405081 County rep Lomelo. Coming replacing Mary Lomojo
43 JACINTA LORUWAN NAKULEU Turkana North (Kibish) 0713516601 Member of parliament aspirant for North (East Africa parliament) wife Coming
44 NANCY EBULON Loima 0718 233 113 Media –gender desk Coming




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