Date                      13/12/2011

Time                     09.35

0n 10th December at 8.00 am the following;

         I.            Nawoyakwaan kine that was shot while fishing. His wife was to Catherine Eleman Nawiyakwaan (born 1987) with three children namely;

i.            Lomongole       7 yrs

ii.            Ekaru                  4.5 yrs

iii.            Lomarile            9 months

His mother was Naula Ayanae

He was brother to Ebenyo Gabriel

The wooden boat was hijacked which belonged to Peter Ekal Kolal

Also one person was hijacked where up to date is not found


      II.            Emoit Ewoi

He was killed near Ileret (Ekimere) place where security and provincial administration of Kenya base. The chief is Moroto John.

His wife is Ebei Dorcas (22 yrs) with three children namely;

                                  i.            Apua                    5 yrs

                               ii.            Ewoi                    3 yrs

                             iii.            Atikan                                 3 months

His mother is Arwai Pokotom

His sisters are; Apua, Ajikon, Asekon, and Ikimat



I.            Emaniman Nabuin         13 yrs   Nachukui primary          Std 2

II.            Lochilia Ayaan



Report from survivors

  • Shot at  ilikere (pech pech)
  • 1 shot on the spot
  • 1 hijacked with the boat
  • 2 survivors
  • No fish
  • Time 8 pm



Action taken by GoK

Assistant chief Esther Apetet reported to Lowarengak where senior chief resides.

Police have not visited the scene instead called for survivors to report to the station to write statement at Lokitaung. The survivors who went there 2 days by foot include;

I.            Emaniman Nabuin       survivor

II.            Peter Kolang                   boat owner


Elders met:

1.       Lokuno Akwanga            Senior elder       Entire

2.       Isaiah Ngasike                  Elder                     Salvation village

3.       Raphael Lowoto              Kambi miti

4.       Ekutan Emoit                   kambi safi


Evidence collected

  • ID Card of late Emanuel Nawiyakwaan Loitangole

Born 1977

ID. No 20781769



Team accompanying GTCSN from Nachukui

1.       JOHN EKAI

2.       RAYMOND ERINYOK                    Chairman beach unit

3.       EMMANUEL EKARAN                  Engine driver

4.       EBENYO PETER                                             Youth

5.       ISAAC EWEET                                  Fisherman

6.       PETER ETUPAT                                              KPR

7.       EIPA NANGODIA                            Youth

8.       YAKOBO LOTUKOI                        KPR

9.       MICHAEL NADIKO                         Engine driver/ KPR

10.   EPETET LOWOTO                         Village elder

11.   NANGOLEA AWESIT                     Village elder

12.   YOHANA EWAAT                           Youth

13.   ESTHER APETET                                           Assistant Chief Nachukui


Lodwar Team

1.       BAKAR ANGELA                                              Citizen

2.       BRENT ELEMAN                                             B.O.D GTCSN

3.       EMERI ELIUD                                  Chief Executive Officer GTCSN



Councilor Jenipher Lonyaman

CEO of GTCSN Eliud Emeri explained the purpose of visit to the councilor who arrived with the information which he got from the OCS station (Ileret) where he said that in Marsabit boats were capsized while in Todonyang people were killed.

IBI escorted guest who assessed dispensary. Later night they went to OCS but not yet confirmed. The chief went to Kobbi For a





13 Dec 2011.


OCS                        Charles Jin

Assistant chief Esther explained plans for leaders in promoting peaceful co-existence between Merilee and Gabra communities

Lowarengak Chief uncooperative

Patrol along the boarders

No turn up on Todonyang / Lowarengak side



Kambi Kenya                               consultative forum



OCS – proposed boat for police patrol or marine force


S/No – 1090 boat hijacked

Oronto – not aware

Kobbi fora – not aware


OCS, Inspector, GSU, Chief and security personnel were to do patrol along the lake up to sibiloi but nothing was found

The report was received by the OCS on 11/12/2011



2 team; 1. Water – 2 boats, 2. Vehicle land on 14/12/2011

Fishing nets rampant

Dassenech and Gabra 75 cattle required to be recovered by OCPD


Areas affected in turkana

1.       Todonyang

2.       Lowarengak

3.       Nachukui

In Eastern and Ethiopia areas

1.       Illeret                   Siorobur

2.       Oronto                                 Babeth

3.       Elikemele           Bokwalia

4.       Tukum                                 Ambabakwa

5.       Mari mule           Hari ouee

6.       Camp Kenya

7.       Ilime



Name; Chief Inspector Charles Mbuthi Njingi

Cell phone no; 0722-323928

Jennifer Ngish Lonyaman           Councilor Illeret

Organization wants to spearhead peaceful co- existence, USF Germany (conflict management) KWS





Olonto (lake side)

Boat – kokoi


Suspect who killed

1.       Esinyen Lomodo



1)     Why the chief was taken

2)     Why he remained

3)     Who usually fish along Illeret shores

Small boat armed (shot or person and hijacked one with boat S/No 1090)


Illeret nurse       –              Joan Yusuf (0701026169) daughter to Abdalla (used to stay in Lodwar)



Source – Abdi taxi “business man Illeret”


Cause of poor coordination between Turkana and Illeret

1)     Security personnel not firm

Ø  People are killed outskirts of the centre e.g. Lopurpur Tiboye (2006), Mzee Corror of Nachukui with luggage of dasseneck

2)     Problem of community



Why bribes from community and no action taken e.g. Gabra took from Dassenach 75 recovered by OCPD and claims no action taken by you

Ø  You patrol OCS do business

Ø  Good councilor promoting peace

Ø  Transfer revoked severally due to corruption (about to be killed by fellow police officers)

Ø  KPR  recruitment and distribution of arms (done at night)

Ø  OCS not in good terms with other opinion leaders i.e. cllr, chiefs, soldier, except he fears area MP Chachu Nyanga



Area Chief Illeret

He is called Mr. Michael Moroto (phone no.0712871968) from 1987 to date. Reported to chief and OCS on 12th December 2011. The meeting was done with elders on issue. Turkana were armed and fire exchange while fishing. Boat was found.



1.       Dassenech – complain turkana are always armed and usually scared

2.       Fishing gears taken

3.       Goats taken kambi Kenya

4.       Gun snatched from security grand “BUMA IKALES”

5.       AMREF boat before herding over to orphans taken (alleged to be in Lowarengak)


Ekal Lochilil Emoit


NB. 1 Fisheries   LSK

2 Marine      LAC


MUTA ATOR     “source of information”


Cause of killing

Turkana took fishing gears

Boat pech pech

Owner of fishing gears

Esinyen Lomode (a person who killed the people)



9th December 2011

5 boats fishing

4 boats

i.            Ekal Ewoi

ii.            Nawiyakwaan kine

iii.            Emanman

iv.            Miriam Ereng


Small boat behind gun shots close range

3 people swim

1 person shot dead at boat in the boat use

Hooks – 400pcs

Fishing gears 9 no 2

Boat left with the man shot while crying

Ekal Ewoi swimmed 3 people and diverted Emaniman and Ereng went towards Nachukui while Ewoi due to tiredness moved towards Kokoi hill where he slept in a cave 4 days up to 13th December is when he was received by the KOBI FOR A vehicle.


Confirmed the fishing rope with hooks as the true ones used before the attack (1331hrs). Belong to MIRRIAM ERENG (survivor)


The last survivor EKAL EWOI was driven by KWS boat accompanied by KWS officers


Slogan for the “KAGRA ZIWA”


Joint patrol

i.            Turkana

Ø  Provincial administration


Ø  Members of the public

ii.            Marsabit

Ø  Provincial administration

Ø  Councilors


Ø  Community representatives





LANDING SITE                 14/12/011


2.       WOKOL ILE


4.       KAMBI TUKUM


Boat owners

1.       Loir Lokwara

2.       Akwapas

3.       Natiakwan (Akongupas – Esinyen)


Elder – ADISO JOSEPH LOKIRIOMOE. He is in Tukum village where small boat of LOIR LOKWARIA who used by AKONGUPAS ESINYEN to escape with the hijacked boat to unknown place. The patrol team is still following up the matter. At 5.30 pm the land rover got stack when we were pursuing by land.


Monday were there and left 3 since one developed stomach problem. The wife went back and took nets with sacs. Wife reported fight between turkana and Merilee. He went and met son of merising.



Saw police vehicle and rushed to water.  Confirmed KWS.

Lochikori (owner of hooks)

Lochala and IDE (came from Olonto)


Interpretation barrier

Turkana              – break of information





1.       Old men fishing

2.       Hooks

3.       Translation



0620 hrs at OCS place

Sergeant arrested


Statements – old, boat

Progress – plains to be undertaken





Was in Illeret since 5th – 6th December

Nets stolen with hooks came to the village

10th December H/T to assist hooks and fishing gear

H/T to be recorded and given he spent

Sunday 11th afternoon TUKUM

1.       Esinyen

2.       Old man – IWABUL

3.       Boat owner

4.       Natiakwaan




Public Baraza with Dassenech leaders


Area chief



Area Chief

The chief welcomed visitors and elders to the forum. He introduced the Illeret team (Dassenech are turkana ¾ conflicts as a result of ignorance). He appealed to OCS and his office on the recent incidence to conduct investigation.  He appreciated work done by Assistant Chief of Nachukui to Illeret people, adults, and children while in turkana.

Key for plan to organization consultative forum between Dassenech and Turkana to foster peace. He illustrated previous mutual stay to turkana fisher folk and guarding their boats and peace broke when some fisher folk started stealing fish hooks and gears. If young men whose gun was snatched and goats taken by boats.

Report of the alleged forum on 15/12/011 said to have been for the elders. Chief reported elders request for a meeting.





Appreciate leadership i.e. OCS, Councilor, and Chief

Peace building i.e. readiness to say truth.

Insecurity i.e. loss of lives, (identify criminals emerging as police, fishermen and traders), poverty, fears (no fishing, enmity), access to social amenities (schools and hospitals, foodstuffs)

Development;- peace forums, development realized(opinion leaders, NGOs, provincial administration, leaders, BMUs, fisher folk, KWS,)

Justice prevails with no favourism whatsoever


Purpose of visit I peace or war to be declared

Illegal arm to be taken by turkana from their person

Consultative forums

I.            Fish folks

II.            Livestock—address cause of conflict

Security team running up down always


2nd Elder Dassenech


Fame of assistant chief Nachukui for good work

His gun was taken (4 yrs has stayed in Illeret. Come from different place along the lake shore)

He identified some of the fisher folk from our Turkana team

Peace and people to intermarry

Turkana behavior like HIV/AIDs despite security he did for them or property later did arm to him

Joint support to let traders access Illeret children to gain education




Requested talks from the elders from the Turkana side to react


ELDERS (Nyawoyales)


Welcome and compared human being and livestock

Paused human killing if it was good if not sickness and natural phenomenon

We are equal and same. One cannot identify Dassenech from Turkana

Dassenech history from Turkana a few true Dassenech

Killing is sin (curse) according to

Continuous friendship from both sides and helped one another, intermarried

Conflict began just because of livestock

He appealed to any person who has ever committed come to raise hard and repent




Appreciate being at Illeret with experience from elders advice

Peace promoters

Assistant chief service appreciated to you people

Dassenech in Turkana no report despite rampant turkana massacre at Todonyang

Why not identify wrongdoers for peace to be realization

Spear head peace for other areas to copy

Purpose –get boats and body killed


Took goats of 5 KORE (owner) – alleged form on team


Conflict started by Turkana armed in taking fishing gears and livestock. Ngikapedoi (Dassenech of Ethiopia)

“EKOMBAS” arrested, nets taken gave to Natiakwaan. Turkana not guilty











ETUPAT (Youth leader)

Same greetings

Asked previous one ‘come for peace or war’

Come for peace with composition of G.o.K.  Representative, development actors and community representative

Cause of illicit resent incidence killings, lost property why security and opinion leaders

Boats Nachukui have no guns

Conflict on our side (Lowarengak)

Good care and treatment Dassenech people in Nachukui

Opening up Nachukui root to Illeret for all services


OCS (4 Yrs and 2 weeks)


Security listen, investigate for the truth to be found

Appreciate visitors and women leadership (exemplary ass. Chief Nachukui)



1.       Elders and youth – focus and set adequate information; 2 cases from Nachukui

2.       Routes – short to Nairobi

3.       Peace – search for boats and lost body

4.       Nets – snatched with Lowarengak fisher folks


Cases of interest;

1.       Lowarengak

2.       Jericho

I.            Ekipetot – nets 47 left in Illeret station brought from turkana and boats to Akopus to fish in Lowarengak. Akopus – (Dassenech)

II.            Engine 40 HPs and 30 nets at Jericho taken to Lowarengak and the owner were identified. 30 nets for Illeret have not been recovered

III.            KPR – Ekai soldier (rampant raid /stolen nets)



OCS identified an elder whose boy stole got and in the forest arrested and brought to the chief where OCS was called to come and arrest the criminal.

Appealed for others to follow the same example



Greeted protocol observed

Appreciated role played by turkana leaders led by ass. Chief on the incidence happened.

Prime of peace (i.e. Dassenech who usually use beautified lady in advocating for peace)

Slight problem in Lowarengak resulted to poor or break of communication.

Appealed to dasseneck when beaten or threatened not to reiterate

Assist ourselves for constant flow of information

Reflection on what has happened for current challenges, failures, opportunities and solution

Requested for consultative forum to address the current issues hempseed fishing (visitations for both side)

Several peace forums done in Ethiopia oversight in Kenya side (Turkana)


Appreciated Illeret leaders

Distance from Turkana and Illeret far

Appeal Nachukui (members of the public) to meet Illeret as one people

Purpose used to share and advocate for peaceful co-existence causes of conflict

Her readiness to be informed anything alleged to have been stolen

Means of communication and transport need for togetherness among leaders of both sides

Nachukui under Lowarengak location

Passed information to relevant authority; Area chief, DO and DC

Appealed to Leaders to disseminate message to both community and criminals causing conflict

Request for a bigger forum to be held to address the conflict in guns


Area Chief Illeret

Appealed for urgent forum between Turkana and Dasseneck fundraise with other development actors

“EPUU” Kalokol – thief’s, corns people



Ass. Chief Nachukui

No security team

Only one KPR


I.            Wooden – 50

II.            Fiber plain – 2

III.            Fiber engine – 3

IV.            Repels – 100

Fishing only source

Insecurity problem



GoK has no action taken since



Councilor Area. (NAPAK PETER) – 0721682697

Area opinion leaders

Visit by GTCSN

Many attempts for peace

With no response

No transport


Trained – 175


ATIM Kalokol (fiber engine boat)








14th – 40 litres

25 +25 = 50 litres

20 +20= 40 litres (Ilonto & Ilikemere)

10 litres (Kambi Kenya), 25 litres (Illeret to north island), 25 litres (Nachukui). Total litres = 150 litres.


Illeret councilor and chief contribution is 40 litres.

60 litres and 2 strike (2½ litres)

Gear box oil – 1 litre (wrongly bought


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