Do women cheat?

find  out in the following answers


There are a variation of reasons why women cheat on men (and vice-versa.) Immaturity, the spark has gone out of their relationship, they are getting older and want to prove they can still attract other men, or they are unhappy with their life and can’t seem to figure out what exactly is wrong. Some women want careers and children all at the same time. Both can be attained, but perhaps not exactly at the time you would prefer it to be so patience and good planning are foremost.
Women should sit down, really listen to their heart, ask themselves if they are being fair to their mate. Sometimes, “the grass on the other side of the fence is not greener.” Decide what you could be giving up, for what you think you want. \
Women love romance in their lives, a partner that will listen to their hopes, dreams and accomplishments and sometimes they do not get that satisfaction. This is a time in a woman’s life when she has to ask herself … does he beat me? Is he a hard worker? Is he a good father? Does he think of special occasions such as my b/d, our anniversary? If you can say yes to at least two good qualities you are a lucky woman.
Women are quite lucky in this world. You can flirt and get the attention (which all women do enjoy) but that’s it. That should be enough. To go further is not right without breaking it off with your partner. Women love to be admired, considered sexy, attractive and smart. All women go through this allure in their lives, but a smart woman always sits and questions herself well before taking action.


True, there are many reasons as to why a woman would cheat. But all I can say is this, from personal experience, DON’T DO IT. I’m lucky that my man has given me another chance. But it’s the worst mistake I’ve ever made and I would give anything to go back and change what happened. So, unless you don’t love the one you’re with, you will definitely regret cheating. But even if you don’t love the person you’re with, you should still not cheat because cheating is just plain wrong no matter how many different ways you look at it.


Some people are addicted to falling in love. For the first few years, months, weeks of a new relationship there is more, for lack of a better word, passion. You can’t think about anything else, you don’t want to do anything but be with the person, you feel giddy and excited all the time. This is infatuation and it is very powerful. It fades with time, and in a healthy relationship it is replaced with something deeper, better and easier to live with. But a lot of people also miss that first stage and they might chest bc they are looking for that feeling again, or bc they met someone that makes them feel that way and they don’t muster up some willpower to stop themselves. People cheat for lots of reasons, but I think most women cheat for the passion, not the sex.
There is no one answer for why anyone cheats but the simplest one is that because no one is perfect. I truly believe that anyone given the right situation will cheat because how can you resist. I’ve cheated and I believe its wrong but I still don’t feel guilty because I believe that it was something that happened for a reason. I know that all of the times Ive cheated its not been because the other bloke is more attractive or any reason like that, its all been because of how they’ve made me feel. They’ve made me feel special and attractive, which probably means I have really low self-esteem even though I come accross as confident. Also all the blokes Ive been with while with someone else have also been in relationships shows that Im not actually interested in a relationship with them as I don’t want to leave my boyfriend but I do think they are fulfilling something that hes not. I think that people cheat mainly for the attention and the excitment, and who doesnt like to be complimented and when your with your “bit on the side” that’s all you get compliments and all the positive parts of a relationship, you don’t have to deal with arguments, its simple and fun.

Personality. I would say it is the deciding factor. Also some women make excuses on why it was Ok for them to cheat but they think its wrong if they are cheated on. This is called hypocracy.
It all comes down to personality. Cheating is cheating no matter who does it or what the excuse is. Its always wrong.


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