Partnership agreement



Partnership agreement for implementation of a Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Program at Lodwar:








International Rescue Committee

Kenya Program

P.O. Box 62727, Nairobi, Kenya







The Lodwar District Hospital

P.O. Box,  Lodwar.




Acronyms abbreviations:


AIDS             Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

ART                Antiretroviral Therapy

BCC                Behaviour Change Communication

CCC                Comprehensive Care Clinic

CHW               Community Health Worker

CTR                Cash Transfer Request

FDG                Focused Group Discussion

FP                    Family Planning

HIV                 Human Immunodeficiency Virus

IRC                International Rescue Committee

LDH                Lodwar District Hospital

PICT               Provider Initiated Counselling and Testing

PMTCT           Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission

QA                  Quality Assurance

STIs                 Sexually Transmitted Infections

TB                   Tuberculosis

VCT                Voluntary Testing and Counselling



This agreement is made on October 1st,  2007.


The International Rescue Committee (“IRC”)


Lodwar District Hospital (“LDH”)

Whereas the IRC is desirous that certain activities should be executed by LDH, namely:

Comprehensive HIV/AIDS program at Lodwar and its environs

And has accepted to work with the cooperating partner for the execution and completion of such works during the period 1st October 2007 to 30th June 2008. IRC will specifically support CT services; TB/HIV and STI control services and HIV/AIDS care and treatment services being offered at LDH. IRC will also build the capacity of LDH laboratory services through procurement and installation of a CD 4 machine that will be used to carry out tests for the whole Turkana and other neighboring districts.








Objectives to be met and activities to be executed by LDH:


Objective 1.    To maintain and expand access to high quality HIV Counseling and Testing (CT) services in Lodwar District Hospital.

Activities for Objective 3: 1. Provide high quality CT services; 2. Support the creation of post-test clubs; 3.Implement routine QA CT system


(Disaggregated by gender)


July 2007– June 2008

  • Number of clients tested in static VCT


  • Number of clients tested in mobile VCT


  • Number of clients tested in PICT


  • Number of post test club meetings held per month


  • Number of service outlets providing counseling and testing according to national or international standards



Objective 2.    To scale up the existing TB/HIV co-infection and STI control services

Activities for Objective 4: 1. Implement routine surveillance of STIs; 2. Refer STI clients to HIV counseling and testing; 3. Monitor partner treatment rates; 4.Provide systematic Diagnostic Counseling and Testing of HIV for TB patients; 6. Provide TB treatment to HIV-positive patients with TB;


(Disaggregated by gender)


July 2007 – June 2008

  • Number of STI cases


  • Percentage of STI cases tested for HIV


  • Percentage of STI partners treated


  • Number of newly diagnosed TB patients


  • Percentage of TB clients tested for HIV and received results





Objective 3.    To increase access to a comprehensive HIV/AIDS care package in Lodwar and to act as a referral point for other sites in Turkana District.

Activities for Objective 7: 1. Operate a comprehensive care clinics (CCC); 2. Provide Cotrimoxazole Preventive Therapy (CPT) to all eligible patients; 3. Strengthen referral links to and from the care clinic and other services (HBC, VCT, PMTCT, etc); 4. Introduce nutritional support services to ART patients


(Disaggregated by gender and location)


July 2007 – June 2008

  • Number of individuals started on cotrimoxazole prophylaxis


  • Number of individuals newly initiating ART


  • Number of individuals receiving ART at the end of the reporting period


  • Number of individuals who ever received ART by the end of the reporting period


  • Number of service outlets providing ART


  • Number of Laboratories with capacity to perform tests on HIV disease monitoring (CD4 cell count)


  • Number of individuals trained in the provision of Laboratory-related activities including operation of CD4 Machine


  • Number of tests (CD4 cell count) performed at IRC-supported laboratories during the reporting period on HIV disease monitoring


Technical Support and Leadership:

  • IRC will provide the technical support and leadership through regular visits and supervision by a Counseling and Testing Manager, HIV Data Officer, BCC Advisor and HIV/AIDS Coordinator



IRC will provide trainings to LDH staffs implementing HIV related activities under this agreement on comprehensive care, universal precautions, PMTCT,  DTC and any other relevant subject area.



Human Resources:


Staffing and remuneration:


  • IRC will provide funds to meet the salary costs of the following key staffs at the rates below;

Staff title


Monthly salary

Clinical Officer






Lab Technologist



VCT Counselor



Data Clerk






  • IRC will also provide a monthly cash supplement of Kshs 1,500 for medical costs of the staff noted above.
  • IRC will provide an annual uniform (attire) allowance for the nurses and the VCT counselors of Kshs 3,000
  • LDH will be responsible for ensuring that all taxes and other statutory deductions are paid or complied with.

Recruitment process:

  • All positions funded under this program shall be advertised and circulated widely. The potential candidates will be short listed and then subjected to a panel of at least 3 interviewers, one of which will be an IRC representative.

Time and effort reporting.


  • Staff hired under this program will carry out activities geared towards achieving the objectives stipulated in this agreement.
  • LDH will maintain records of staff including their leave schedules which will be reflected in the time effort sheet (see attached copy)


Program supplies and equipment:


  • IRC will be in charge of all the procurements of equipment and supplies that will be needed for implementation of the project and shall monitor its use.
  • IRC will procure and install CD 4 machine at LDH laboratory.
  • Supplies provided by IRC to LDH for carrying out project activities must be maintained within secure stores, and stock registers must be maintained and updated at all times.
  • IRC maintains the right to verify the stock at any time.
  • LDH shall be responsible for the custody of all equipment for this project for the duration of this contract. LDH will maintain the equipment in good working order for the duration of this contract.
  • When the contract is terminated all equipment used in this project and listed as such shall pass to IRC who will decide in its absolute discretion on the further ownership of the equipment.
  • During the term of the agreement, the equipment may not be used for any purpose other than to carry out activities stipulated in this agreement.

 Structural Renovations:

  • IRC will assist in carrying out the necessary structural renovations at the laboratory to ensure that the proposed activities are carried out as per the laid down standards


Operating Costs:

  • IRC will also provide a monthly cash supplement of Kshs 10,000 to support operating costs and overhead, such as office supplies and stationery, postage, photocopying, telephone and bank charges.


Financial Reporting:


  • LDH shall prepare and submit to IRC Kenya, by the 10th working day after the end of the month, a duly completed Cash Transfer Request (CTR). A complete CTR will:
    1. Detail the projected salary costs for the month – by list staff members and associated salary costs
      • Have copies of the individual time records for the preceding month attached.
      • Have copies of pay slips for the preceding month attached
      • Provide a reconciliation of the preceding month’s salary request with the actual amounts paid to staff and indicating reasons for any variances.
    2. Provide cash forecast for the planned program activities in the month.


(Sample of CTR is attached)


  • The CTR shall be prepared / approved by the Medical superitendant and forwarded to the IRC HIV/AIDS Coordinator and Program coordinator for authorization and submission to the finance office.
  • Funds to meet the CTR shall be expended to LDH within 5 working days of receiving a duly approved and authorized CTR

NB: Incomplete CTRs will not be processed and will be returned to LDH for completion.


Financial Monitoring:


  • LDH is expected to take reasonable care that systems are in place to ensure monies received from IRC are used for the purposes described in the contract and can be properly accounted for.
  • Upon request from IRC, the sub-grantee may be required to send the original supporting documents for the periods reported


Monitoring and Evaluation by IRC:


  • LDH will submit to IRC a monthly report by the 5th of subsequent month indicating the progress towards achieving the desired objectives.
  • IRC or IRC donors may conduct periodic monitoring trips to LDH.  Full cooperation is required.
  • IRC shall have the right to monitor the progress of the project at any time and provide recommendations on the improvement of the project. This will be done by the HIV/AIDS Coordinator or any other technical staff who in turn will give feedback to LDH on the progress achieved towards achieving the desired objectives on a monthly basis

Governing Law:

This AGREEMENT shall be interpreted, enforced and governed under and in accordance with the laws of Kenya.

Force Majeure;

The following shall constitute Force Majeure:  Labor disputes, flood, fire, rebellion, war, requirement or act of civil or military authorities, civil disorder, act of God and any other cause beyond the control of either party, and which neither party is able to overcome.  As soon as possible after the occurrence and beyond no more than 15 working days, the agency shall give notice and details in writing to the IRC of such Force Majeure, if the Agency is thereby rendered unable, wholly or in part, to perform its obligations and meet its responsibilities under this Agreement.  The IRC shall then have the right to terminate this Agreement.


Each party to this AGREEMENT represents and warrants to the other that it has full right, power, and authority to execute this Agreement in its entirety.  Furthermore, IRC is to be construed as the primary drafter of this Agreement.

Withdrawing or Termination:

Either party to this agreement when seeking to terminate this agreement shall give two months prior written notice to the other party.  All related costs up to and including the time of termination will be covered as per the agreement.  Any monies paid in advance for months that extend beyond the termination of the contract will be recovered through either deduction from remaining payments or direct reimbursement.

Settlement of Differences:

Either party to this agreement shall use their best efforts to settle amicably any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of this AGREEMENT or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof.


The first action in the event of a dispute shall be attempted amicable resolution by the two parties.  If an amicable resolution is not reached, the dispute shall be resolved through Arbitration in accordance with Kenyan law.  The resulting award or resolution shall be final and binding on the parties to this Agreement.

Damages and Liabilities:


LDH agrees to defend and indemnify the IRC and its affiliates, employees, officers, and directors against all claims, damages, liabilities, losses, and expenses (including attorneys’ fees and court costs) resulting from any actual or alleged infringement of any patent, copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property right, any actual or alleged defect in any products or services provided, any acts or omission of its employees, agents, and any breaches of confidentiality.

The IRC may, at its sole discretion, participate in or take up and assume the defence of any action or matter for which the agencies indemnifies the IRC

Use of Trademarks:


LDH shall have no right to use, and shall not use, the trade name “IRC”, or any other trademark, trade name, or service mark of the IRC in any manner, including in regard to any advertisement, press release or endorsement, without the prior written consent of the IRC.

The parties sign below and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.

For and on behalf of IRC                                  For and on behalf of LDH

Name: _____________________________     Name: __________________        



Position: ___________________________      Position:                                          



Signature:___________________________      Signature:______________________




Date: _______________________________               Date: __        ____________________




THE WITNESS-IRC                                         THE WITNESS–LDH



Name: _____________________________     Name: __________________        



Position: ___________________________      Position:                                          



Signature:___________________________      Signature:______________________



Date: _______________________________               Date: __             __________________











Name: _____________________



Position: ______________________






Date: _______________________



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