Community Groups Evaluation Summary Report in Turkana County

 Community Groups Evaluation Summary Report


 This was a follow up to the groups trained two weeks ago with the aim of assessing group level knowledge on the topics while at the same time evaluating their items both in terms of messages and theatrical skills. The overall objective of this program is to build the groups’ capacity and confidence to act as peer educators on the pertinent issues of HIV/AIDS.

After the training the participants, they were expected to go back to their groups train other members on the same content and come with up theatre items for community outreaches. The items were supposed to range from drama, poems, narratives to song and dance. We also expected them to utilize the same knowledge in order to act as role models for other members of the community.


Below is a summary of the evaluation:


Individual Group Reports:


VCT2 Group

◦          The group members that attended the training workshop did train the rest of the members well.  This was evident when I tested the level of knowledge on the topics covered at the workshop

◦          The group at VCT2 drew members from two main groups around the zone hence we ended up with two groups on the ground namely, Beach boys and K3 & 4.

◦          Scripting was done in time and practice started early enough.  So far each group had at least a skit poem and/or rap in place (Trusted partner myth, condoms and condom use and stigma reduction).

◦          Their items didn’t have many corrections so they are ready for community outreaches soon.

◦          They seem to be cohesive groups that are ready to dedicated most of their time for IRC activities.

◦          They are waiting for a nod and action plan from HIV/AIDS manager to start community outreaches.


VCT 1 Group

◦          It is mainly a post test group with majority being male Sudanese youth in school. The student’s interrupted weekly rehearsals so their items were not well refined. They need one week for fine tuning. We can still engage them in afternoons and over the weekends for BCC activities.

◦          Their rap was wanting in terms of message. They rely mainly on the radio for rap and this can pose a challenge for them during outreaches in remote areas where there is no electricity. This was pointed to them though.

◦          They have a skit on stigma and discrimination of PLWAs that is not ready for community consumption.

◦          The group can be ready for the outreaches last week of May.


Kakuma Mission Youth Group

◦          Here participants were drawn from three main community groups but one was not present during the evaluation because they had a funeral.

◦          The two groups N/Emeyan and Nadapal/Natiir had skits on the themes we trained them on. We had the whole day together reworking on the items.

◦          They will be ready for the outreaches in a week’s time. They are starting in a big way (launches on 16th and 23rd respectively).

◦          They requested that IRC assist them in organizing the launches in terms of Public Address System and generator.  I have informed the Kakuma camp HIV/AIDS office about the same.

◦          We might need a focal person for the BCC activities at the Mission because it seems Chebii (RCO) is overwhelmed with other activities. He didn’t attend the evaluation meeting hence this poses a challenge for follow up and monitoring of the groups.

◦          It is a cohesive group and very serious with rehearsals.

Lessons Learnt/ Challenges

ü  group’ demands so many one can not meet all of them

ü  Each group has its own pace at which it develops- always important to note that each group is unique in its own and needs specific attention and feedback.

ü  Some messages complicated for some groups hence need for close monitoring of groups

ü  Tell the groups that no payment/ tokens or employment from the on set

ü  Motivation for groups is important- lunches/ transport/ training/ t-shirts/ caps /trips/ exposure

ü  Follow up key for message quality control- have monitoring sheets for this/ transport affecting follow-up process

ü  Lack of BCC focal persons on the ground to coordinate the activities.

ü  I fear for monitoring and feedback because there is no body who is directly responsible for their activities.



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