social worker job

What is this job like?

Social workers help people overcome problems and make their lives better. They might work with people who are homeless, sick, or having family problems. Or they might help students who are having trouble in school.

One of the ways social workers help is by finding resources for people. For someone with family difficulties, social workers might find a parenting class or support group. For a homeless person, they might find a place to live and a career training program. For a student, they might find a mentor or a learning disability expert.

Some social workers set up resources like these. They research what kinds of help people need. Then, they set up programs to provide that help. They might focus on child abuse, poverty, violence, and other problems.

Many social workers give counseling. They talk to people about their lives and help them to understand and solve their problems and to make plans.

There are three main types of social work.

  • Child, family, and school social workers. Some of these workers find foster homes for abused or neglected children. They also help parents learn how to care for children better. Other social workers help with adoptions. Social workers in schools give students and teachers advice about learning problems, behavior problems, and social problems, like bullying or shyness. Other social workers help elderly people and their families.
  • Medical and public health social workers. These workers help people who are sick or who have health problems for a long time. They give advice to people and their families about how to deal with being sick. They also find services to help, such as nutrition classes or nursing care.
  • Mental health and substance abuse social workers. These workers are sometimes called clinical social workers. They help people with mental illness, upset feelings, or drug or alcohol abuse. They might provide talk therapy to people in order to identify their problems and find ways they can get better. They might also reach out to the community, finding people who have problems and offering help. Some of these workers teach classes about how to make a budget, deal with anger, or get other life skills.

No matter their focus, most social workers spend the day in an office. Some travel to the people they help. Sometimes, they meet with people in the evening or on weekends. Many social workers have their own businesses.

Many social workers like their work, but it can be hard to deal with people who are upset or having trouble. Sometimes, social workers are very busy because they are helping many people at once.


How do you get ready?

Social workers must go to a 4-year college. Many social workers also need additional schooling to get the jobs they want. Some people stay in school longer to earn a doctorate degree.

In college, social workers learn different ways to help people. They also take social studies classes, including psychology (how and why people act and feel the way they do), sociology (how people act when they are in a group and what problems groups have), economics (how people get and use resources and how economies work), and ethics (how people decide what is right and wrong). Students also learn by watching experienced social workers.

Before they can get a job, social workers need a license, certification, or registration. The rules for getting these things depend on the State where you live. Workers can also get a certification from the National Association of Social Workers. This certification makes it easier to get some jobs.

Students can start getting ready by taking social studies classes. They can also join peer mentoring programs and other volunteer programs.


How much does this job pay?

The majority of social workers are child, family, and school social workers. In May 2008, these workers had average yearly wages of $43,120.


How many jobs are there?

There were about 642,000 social worker jobs in 2008. More than 4 out of 5 jobs were in health care and social assistance or government agencies.


What about the future?

Between 2008 and 2018, jobs for social workers are expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations. Jobs working with older people will grow especially fast because there will be more people who are old and need help. Jobs helping people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol will also grow quickly. Jobs in schools will grow because there will be more students with special needs.

In cities, competition for jobs might be strong. It might be easier to find jobs in rural places.


Are there other jobs like this?


  • Clergy
  • Counselors
  • Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists
  • Psychologists
  • Social and human services assistants

Social work is involved with helping individuals live a comfortable, high quality standard of life, with emphasis on those individuals who require a certain level of extra practical and physical help.

The efforts of those involved in social work can be seen throughout many different communities across the whole of the UK . Being a specialist study that is dedicated to changing social welfare and social change for the better, the majority of people involved in social work are constantly changing their goals and researching methods to improve the quality of life within the population of the UK.

What is Social Work

Within social work individuals, groups and whole communities are focused on and some of the efforts and the hard work put into communities by those involved with social work can be clearly seen in every neighbourhood.
Social work has provided much needed support and change for those people who are left vulnerable to changes within society, helping those such as the elderly, support for people with mental health needs, support for those with learning and physical disabilities, support for those suffering from alcohol and substance abuse problems, the homeless, victims of domestic abuse, children in need of foster care, adoption, child protection, young offenders and unemployed or homeless children.Through providing for these people social work has ensured the success of future generations, turning otherwise threatened members of society into functioning, happy individuals. As social work is one of the higher points on the government’s agenda, large portions of money allocated to local governments help to provide the funding for the efforts of social workers.

Those working in social work dedicate their time to providing a service of practical support in order to help individuals to maintain their independence, as well as increasing their quality of life.Social workers can often end up just helping out with simple everyday tasks that seem insignificant or small to the most people, but to someone else they can make a massive difference to their life.

Most people involved in social care choose their job in order to help people live their lives to the highest possible quality. Occasionally social workers find themselves caring for someone requiring a lot of intense help or sometimes just helping those who require a small amount of practical help.

There are both part-time and full-time vacancies offered, featuring a wide variety of different working hours. This allows most social workers to fit work around other commitments.Social workers are often chosen due to their attitude and life experiences, however qualifications are still quite advantageous.

Most social workers will choose the group of people they want to work with before embarking on their career and tasks can be rather varied, however it is a rewarding and empathetic career to be involved in. Social work is always required as there will always be unfortunate individuals needing help with their lives. Through social work you could make a real difference to one of these people, as well as a huge difference to yourself.


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