social work advantages and disadvantages

There are many advantages and disadvantages of being in this career.

Advantages :

*A social worker gets to be physically involved with the outside world

*A social worker gets to help others and make a difference in other peoples lives

*Being a social workers you are not always stuck in a desk type job.

*Being A Social Worker can be rewarding if you have the heart and staying power


*A social worker is a very emotional job.

*Also can be a stressful job

*You aren’t always able to help everyone the way you hoped.

*Long hours involved

*Frustrations regarding the law against abuse, incest, rape, etc., and the reality in the fact you can’t win

them all (cases.)

*You have to see some pretty difficult things in this career like violence.

*The down side is, don’t go into expecting to resolve everything all at once. It can be frustrating and at

times unrewarding, but if patient, those rewards will come your way.


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