Good Qualities To become a good social worker


You should have a service mind without expecting the benefit;

  • You should have patience ;
  • You should have keen eye on whatever happening around you;
  • You should develop a mind sothat you are not going to discriminate rich to poor , and other extreme societies;
  • You should be kind hearted;
  • Your service should be voluntary;
  • You can have difference of opinion; But still you should make the service oriented decision when it comes for service;
  • You should a habit of reading newspaper,knowing the news from media. so, the service will be immmediate.
  • You should coordinate the people for the service;
  • You should have positive attitude;
  • You should have the desire to do the things.
  • Apart from calamities, you should have day today activities on voluntary services;
  • You should have good communication skills;
  • You should have good contact in the societies higher level, so that the good things can be delivered to affected one;
  • You should sacrifice yourselves for the sake of the poor; like a candle

All abovesaid qualities help us to serve our societies utmost level. But , We should realise , which are people really affected; Instead extending service to the middle class society , we must target poor people who does not having ladder to claim.

All types of social services are regarded as good. But mostly, giving the education to suffering society is most regarded. By educating such a society we really help the future society.Instead of scaling the society by richness, let us scale the society by education. It does not mean only academic education. We should respect the practical life education also.

Social services not limited to one field. It extends everywhere like root. But the basic is service. We cannot the take the word service lightly. Service means we are going to do voluntarily. Not expecting something from the other side. Even awards , rewards, praising are immaterial before service.

Respected Leaders of the world never expected something , out of their service. The history prooves that.They expected only change in the society.Not in terms of money , fame .

Even ,for targeting the society we need analysing mind. Before we just start providing something for the poor society, we must target eradicating the roots of cause , why they came to that stage.

In this not only just be the social worker, you should have aim to achieve something good for the society .

Interdependent in Social work

Most people believe in Independence in all types of work. Today , with the changed work culture, even in social works , we must adopt interdependence as our main tool. Especially for social work it is a must. Because , you may come across all types of people in social work. Rich to Poor, Cultured to arrogant,In all the way we must be patient to hear their views and analyse the same by considering views and giving out third view .

Honesty in social work

Honesty is one of the best policy in social work. Usually we assist the poor or downtrodden people who can’t able to rise their voice. They may be illiterate. In this scenario , we must be honestly address their issues. The way ,we approach the problems should be able to address their problems with a minimum time limit. Instead that , we want to gain popularity mileage from some helping activity , it may lead to dissatisfaction both the victim and hardliner. If you try to sort out , any issues with the honest willingness and not expecting anything , will lead to increase the confident level both side. The respect you in all negotiations. Please be honest.

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