Essay on Social Work Limitations

here is a set of limitations of objective character for social worker. It isn’t likely that there will be enough sponsorship to build a chain of social facilities, as building one doesn’t change much. Other issues that may cause problems are the burdening circumstances that regard the patient. For example, if the patient is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction it becomes comparatively harder to help him as it requires the help of professional doctors.

Same goes for the people that suffer from different acute diseases as well as chronic ones — these also make looking for a job for such patient a much more complicated task. The situation becomes even more sophisticated with the disabled people, whom it can be hard to find their place in the society even without being homeless. Such people often suffer from a deeper trauma than other patients and it is a challenging task to help them.

One more limitation expands on the multicultural issues. It is difficult to help people that belong to other culture integrate into our one, as they may view it as unfriendly or even hostile. It is in the human nature to seek for those responsible for ones troubles and it often happens so that the representatives of other cultures may blame the dominating group for their misfortune, which leads to the refusal of cooperation with social workers. It is essential to persuade people to cooperate and give them the possibility to fully develop their cultural preferences, so to say.For example, help them to find time and resources to study one’s nation history or encourage the study of some national art, etc.

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